Atlantic City: One Step Closer to Right-Sizing Bloated Government

City Hall Bloat.

Marty Small has a dream. The Atlantic City Council President wants to become Mayor of Atlantic City. Pretty sweet deal. 6-figure salary with minimal responsibilities. What’s not to like?

Uh-oh. A surprisingly large number of residents want to change Atlantic City’s form of government. Marty’s City Hall is bloated and inefficient.

Paying big bucks to a figurehead Mayor is out of the question. Is Mayor Frank Gilliam worth $103,000 a year in salary plus premium benefits?

The group called Atlantic City Residents for Good Government (ACRGG), wants to change the form of government in Atlantic City.

Change AC from its current mayor-council format, to a council-manager form of municipal government.

A future Mayor of AC would likely NOT have a 6 figure salary. Mayor would see further reduction in power and control, too.

Proposed: Council-Manager Form of Government for Atlantic City.

  • Non-partisan. Remove foolish Republican vs Democrat stuff.
  • Reduce number of council seats from 9 to 5.
  • Get rid of useless, council-at-large positions.
  • Mayor no longer directly elected. Council selects mayor from among themselves.
  • Instead of elected mayor acting as city’s chief executive, a full-time city manager would be hired by council.
Marty Small, Socialite Gary Hill, Kaleem Shabazz

Changing Atlantic City’s form of government would create stability and efficiency within City Hall. It would reduce government costs, corruption and nepotism. It would also hurt Marty’s dream of collecting a 6-figure salary for doing almost nothing. Just like current AC Mayor, Frank Gilliam does now.

Research shows that a council-manager form of government lessens likelihood of local government corruption.

ACRGG, Atlantic City Residents for Good Government, has more than enough signatures. Almost three times the required amount. They could soon put the question directly to voters. They’re one step closer to raining on Marty Small’s parade.

Marty Small. It’s all about racism. Not lack of brains.

Marty Small is easily offended.

Marty Small hates that professional outsiders might know how to run a city better than him.

When it comes to CRDA, Marty Small is cool with outsiders controlling Atlantic City. Go figure.

  • Small compared NJ to Alabama, but OK with CRDA’s lack of racial diversity.
  • CRDA features very little city representation. Mayor Gilliam & socialite Gary Hill rarely speak up.
  • Only 2 out of 17 CRDA board members live in Atlantic City. Most of CRDA made up of outsiders.
  • Marty OK that CRDA no longer records monthly meetings for on-demand viewing.
  • Marty OK with CRDA meeting being held in small room, at inconvenient time (Tues 2pm)
  • Marty rarely attends CRDA meetings.

Some say it’s too risky to let voters decide who gonna run AC. Bad actors like Craig Callaway have too much influence in local elections. Callaway ‘magically’ delivers ballots and election wins….at a price. His controversial GOTV (Get Out The Vote) efforts gave us Mayor Frank Gilliam.

Better Way For AC: Under the “Municipal Manager” form of Government: voters will elect council members who will then appoint a professional manager to oversee day-to-day operations for the benefit of residents, NOT politicians.

marty small atlantic city
Mo Marty.

Who is Marty Small?

Marty Small. Atlantic City Council President. Salary: $30,000 + benefits. Recently reduced council meetings from two per month…to one per month. Refused to endorse plan that will change CRDA meetings to a more convenient time & location.

Marty Small. Athletic Director. Principle Academy Charter School. Salary: $90,000 + benefits. Marty gets this sweet gig right after 9 employees were just let go. Gary Hill on Board of Directors.

  • Small is hardcore Eagles football fan.
  • Founder of the popular Marty Small Ball.
  • Marty is loving husband of AC High School principal, LaQuetta Small.
marty small laquetta
AC Council President & AC High School Principal

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