Atlantic City Parents Question School Board Over Racism & Transgender Issues

Atlantic City School Superintendent Caldwell
Atlantic City School Superintendent Caldwell

Parents are asking; what are they teaching our Atlantic City students? We’ve never see the curriculum. Kids are failing in math, science and grammar, but we’re gonna spend precious classroom time to teach about racism and sex practices?

How’s the Atlantic City School District keeping our kids safe from bad teachers and child abusers? These are just some of the questions being raised by concerned parents on a more frequent basis. Not just in Atlantic city, but through-out the country.

Some parents are fed up. They’re taking back their school boards. No longer trusting political appointees to teach and look after their children.

We’ll Convert Your Children.

Hard to believe that somebody actually thought this video was a good idea.

You think we’re sinful. You think that we’ll corrupt your kids. If our agenda goes unchecked. Funny, just this once, you’re correct. We’ll convert your children, happens bit by bit. Quietly and subtlety. And you will barely notice it. You can keep them from disco. Warn about San Francisco. We’ll convert your children. We’ll make them tolerant and fair. Oh, and you’ll be disgusted.

Who endorsed Kayan Frazier for that NJ State job dealing with kids? What did Principal LaQuetta Small do when she found out her cousin got another job with kids?

LaQuetta Small, and her husband, the Mayor of Atlantic City, both knew that Frazier was a child abuser. Why didn’t they stop him from getting a job with the state?

Child Abuse. Atlantic City School District Predator.

  • Academics. Less than 25% of AC students can pass a basic Math or English test.
  • Student Safety. Vetting process of all district employees needs upgrade.
  • Security cameras and procedures need upgrade.
  • Critical Race Theory. Will only further divide community. Fighting racism with racism.
  • Young girls forced to compete with boys who identify as girls, in sports. Are you OK with your daughter sharing a locker room with a biological male? Girls sports are over as we know it.
  • Lack of Transparency. No school board agendas posted. Public comments are blocked during meetings. Recordings and meeting minutes kept private. Caldwell refusing to provide access to public files.

Maria M: Every parent with a daughter in the school district should sue for not keeping their child safe. There’s enough incidents out there of women and girls being traumatized by this nonsense.

No wonder kids disrespect police. At the last meeting (see video) School Board President, Shay Steele, harassed board-member Al Herbert, who’s an Atlantic City police officer. Steele mocking Officer Herbert at the public meeting as the crowd laughs.

Funding for AC middle school sports cut to the bone. But members voted to give disgraced superintendent Barry Caldwell a 12% raise to pad his pension. Why pay Caldwell over $220,000 to ignore our kids safety and their future?

Tom S: Hold them personally responsible if any one get assaulted or harmed by their policy charge them with child abuse and sue the entire school board.

Linda M: If all parents ban together & fight the school board in every district, you will win! Your children’s education & future is worth the fight.

Patricia W: I wonder how school board members would feel if they have a little girl and a boy went in the restroom with her because he says he was a girl and he molested her. Then what?

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