Marijuana Could Quicken Atlantic City’s Re-Invention

NJ-CannabisCasinos played a critical role in re-inventing Atlantic City back in 1977. At the time, legalized gambling seemed like a prudent risk we had to take. Of course, that risk was worth it. Those 30 years were pretty good, even if massive corruption and mismanagement went came along with the deal.

Today, we now need to consider how another sin tax could boost our economy. Would decriminalized marijuana accelerate AC’s economic rebound 40 years later?

Some of the benefits for Atlantic City include job creation for cannabis cultivation and retail operations, and the massive sin-tax revenue that go along with that.

Benefits of a marijuana-friendly Atlantic City include less crowded jails and the elimination of needless costs associated with non-violent and victim-less crimes.

  • Washington state made $83 million from marijuana taxes in 2014
  • Colorado raked in $76 million in pot taxes and fees in 2014
  • Colorado toked up $700 million in 2014, and will do $1 billion in 2016.

Should we prosecute weekend warriors who twist a few? These are victim-less, petty drug offenses. If somebody wants to fry a few brain cells puffing on mother nature, why stop them? Especially when they’re willing to pay for that stoner privilege.

Note: Some research shows that drunk driving and texting while driving are more dangerous than driving under the influence of weed.

Philadelphia decriminalized marijuana in 2014.

Nevada residents will soon vote on a referendum that will legalize marijuana in Las Vegas and the entire state.

Should Atlantic City take it one step further…. and become a full blown marijuana tourism destination like Vancouver, Denver, Seattle and Amsterdam?

New Jersey voters should decide YES…. marijuana should be legalized in Atlantic City in order to rescue the broke shore town from financial ruin and a potential take-over. The proposal is to create Atlantic City dispensaries that would be located in areas….less traveled. By passing recreational marijuana laws, legalization, AC can attract a whole new group of tourists.


But for Gusciora, it’s not just about the money. In addition to being a member of the state legislature, he’s also a municipal prosecutor and has seen first hand the impact of New Jersey’s current marijuana laws, which disproportionately impact people of color. And marijuana arrests have increased in New Jersey recently, making up 57 percent of all drug-possession arrests there.




  1. Atlantic city is not worthy of the honor and privilege of ganja revenue. The article is condescending towards cannabis consumers. Greedy to cash in. It will be too late after Nevada gets the lead. You should have fought for this long ago to help the people not your corrupt leadership.

    1. Agree 100%…gov officials taking care of their family and friends. So much corruption and bullshit. Horrible decisions. Until they clear out the scumbag people up top this legalization wont even help.

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