Atlantic City Questions Pandemic Lock-Down, Mayor Small & NJ Gov Murphy.

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Can Atlantic City trust mainstream media’s coverage of the ongoing healthcare lockdown? Residents, many of whom are still vax hesitant, quietly say no.

A large portion of inner city Atlantic City, specifically young black males, still saying no to vaccines. Mayor Small has yet to explain how he will handle that critical challenge.

When asked why he converted the city’s convention center into a massive Covid hospital, Mayor Small blamed the Governor’s office.

Press of Atlantic City has provided cover for this alleged mishandling of the pandemic and draconian lockdowns. Rookie newspaper reporters often confused ‘peaceful protest’ with riots, vandalism and incitement to violence.

Destruction of the Atlantic City business was well-documented. This was a planned riot, not a peaceful protest.

35 yr resident.

During Spring 2020, the early stages of lockdown, Mayor Marty Small, along with NJ Gov Murphy, allowed and endorsed large gatherings, social justice protests and political gatherings.

Atlantic City protests turns to looting and damage, May 31, 2020.

Atlantic City BLM marches destroyed large portions of Atlantic City’s business district.

Millions in losses. Thousands of jobs lost. 30% of business shuttered for good.

Business Boarded Up

Ultimately, that temp C-19 facility was never needed. Taxpayers handled the expense.

Even right-wing media played along.

Trust in local Atlantic City media has eroded so much, that advertisers have dramatically reduced ad budgets for both broadcast and newspaper.

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  1. Now they are gonna shut you down and lock you out no more support for local chatter boxes only socialist news from here forward

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