Atlantic City Riots & Window Shopping with Steve Young

Hours after the protest began last Sunday, May 31, riots, vandalism and looting broke out in Atlantic City. Protest organizer, Steve Young, fired up the troops by encouraging a little window-shopping that day.

Nobody surprised that violence would break out in AC that afternoon. Protests were being used as cover for those wanting to disrupt, loot and destroy. Steve Young provided that cover for groups like ANTIFA to infiltrate crowds and wreak havoc. All in the name of social justice.

Residents quietly agreed, Steve Young was the absolute worst person to promote the protest and eventual riot in Atlantic City.

Steve Young says: For all those assassinated by police, they were mostly black males shot and strangled by mostly white people in blue uniforms. WATCH VIDEO >

Steve Young is president of the South Jersey chapter of the Al Sharpton’s National Action Network .

Stockton blog post by student Greg Taylor: Steve Young believes that there is a genocide against the people who have lived in AC the longest. 

The State of NJ put the COVID scare on pause for this gathering of thousands. But the face mask thing did come in handy. Protects identity of looters and those committing criminal activity. Many hid behind masks while they attacked police officers.

Steve Young Riots Delay Economic Rebound in Atlantic City.

Great video journalism by ACmike. Covering Atlantic City looting & riots of May 31, 2020. Kudos to AC Councilman Jeffree Fauntleroy. The only elected leader we know of that was on the dangerous front line, trying to stop this madness. (see video) AC Mayor Marty Small & Councilman George Tibbitt just stood back and watched from afar.


After the riots, during a June 1 WOND radio interview, Atlantic County Chairman, Frank Formica, said a substantial group of NJ state troopers were ready to help as of 11a. Why didn’t they come to AC sooner than 7p?

This is a disaster. You have thugs destroying our city, destroying businesses that were ready to re-open.

AC Mayor Marty Small

During a June 5 WOND radio interview, Mayor Small got peppered with questions about another Steve Young protest planned for July 4th weekend. Small said the city would be ready for anything. That didn’t stop the interrogation of Small.

Mayor Marty got increasingly defensive when callers, even the host himself, pleaded for Small to stop Young. Asking him to postpone another potential catastrophe. ‘We’re scaring people away from Atlantic City.’ Small didn’t agree and tried again to change the topic.

Small: ‘A sad day in Atlantic City. Tanger Outlet stores were severely vandalized and looted. Vehicles were set ablaze.’

What really happened on May 31? Steve Young made sure even more people would stay away from Atlantic City.

Why not choose a pastor to lead the protest? Or maybe Mayor Small? Maybe the Atlantic City Police Chief should have shown his face? Nah. Young wanted chaos and looting. That’ll show everybody just how gangsta he is.

A total breakdown of law and order.

Where was NJ Lt Gov Sheila Oliver in all of this? She’s really in charge of AC. Not Marty Small. Oliver would have helped to calm the mobs. But no, we picked Steve Young. Sweet baby Jesus.

The actions of Steve Young, and the inaction of Mayor Small and Council President Tibbitt, were directly responsible for a peaceful demonstration turning into violent riot.

Ya know who really suffers bad thru all this mayhem? Minority small business, and those they employ. And what about residents who depend on local Atlantic City businesses?

Pretty sure we can kiss that Shop-Rite goodbye. Thanks Steve Young!

Big chain stores in Atlantic City will survive. But many will leave the city for good. Just like the APPLE store. Even KFC had to leave. Think about that.

Growing lawlessness in Atlantic City will keep many black and brown owned businesses closed for good.

As the dust settled, local media spin started.

Listen to this WPG Radio host Harry Hurley melt-down. Listeners asked why Hurley is congratulating Mayor Small, City Council President Tibbitt and Governor Murphy for the rioting and chaos that happened that day.

Hurley Defending Mayor Small Inaction

Steve Young should have done a ‘sit-down’ with AC Police Chief Henry White, Mayor Marty Small and Lt Gov Sheila Oliver. Far better idea than what Atlantic City and State of NJ allowed this past Sunday.

Comment: Steve Young had his day in the sun. He blew it. Young could have been a uniter, and an advocate for the oppressed and voiceless. But no. He wanted violence and destruction of small business, and he got it.

Comment: Steve Young used his Kmart bullhorn to incite more pain, anger, fear, and despair into our community. Shameful.

Comment: At the very least, maybe Steve Young got a fresh new pair of Nike’s for his efforts that day.

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