VIDEO >> Crime Way Down in Atlantic City, Local Newspapers Fail to Adequately Cover Story?

Crime is dramatically down in Atlantic City. Unfortunately, some think that kind of news doesn’t sell newspapers, so the local ‘crime reporter’ decided to miss this excellent public meeting.Atlantic City Crime Rate Index

Old & out of date feelings persist. That’s why the noon-time topic on March 18 was focused on spreading the REAL and amazing story about crime reduction in Atlantic City.

Guest speaker Tony Marino ( see video below ) a statistician and sociologist compared the numbers: Atlantic City had a 42 percent drop in violent crimes from 2010 to 2014.

The well attended event lead by Director of Planning; Elizabeth Terenik, included a Q & A discussion with Police Chief; Henry White.

Members of AC’s finest also provided info on community outreach initiatives, improvements in technology and the use of social media. Public questions were answered during the Q&A session afterwards.

Video of the excellent FULL session will soon be available for viewing on the City’s local cable channel 97, as well as YouTube and other online platforms like

In the meantime….here’s a few video clips…. and some pics…

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