Atlantic City School Board Solicitor Disqualifies Critical Vote.

Is Solicitor Riley Wrong?

Moments before a critical vote to select the President of the Atlantic City Board of Education, a claim was made that board member Farook Hossain doesn’t live in Atlantic City.

This last minute surprise cost John Devlin his position as President of the Atlantic City School Board. Was this a case of voter suppression?

Why is there so much disrespect of Hossain, the first Bangladeshi to serve on a Board of Education in Atlantic County.

An unusual, questionable, week-long delay requested by Barry Caldwell and Solicitor Tracy Riley. Both have no authority to postpone a meeting. The only person who can cancel a Board of Education meeting is the Board President, John Devlin.

Did Atlantic City School Superintendent Barry Caldwell pull a fast one?

Atlantic City Board of Education Reorganization meeting scheduled for Wednesday, January 6, 2021 was postponed and rescheduled for Monday, January 11, 2021.

His (Hossain) vote can not be recorded. He is not an AC resident. Don’t count his vote.

Solicitor Tracy Riley

Embattled superintendent Barry Caldwell stepping down later this year. Many say Caldwell leaving district in much worse condition.

Marty Small Laquestta
Team Small Living Large

Did Atlantic City School Superintendent Barry Caldwell violate state law?

To make sure the vote was postponed, some called out at last minute? Did Atlantic City School Superintendent Barry Caldwell ignore law that states Devlin is still Board President and is the only one that can cancel a board meeting?

You can’t do that. You have no legal authority.

Board President Devlin to Solicitor.

Farook Hossain made history. The first Bangladeshi to serve on a Board of Education in Atlantic County. He’s a community activist and father of 2 children enrolled in Atlantic City Schools

Hossain moved to AC in 2002. Hossain is the founder of the South Jersey chapter of the Alliance of South Asian American Labor.

Atlantic City School Board solicitor Tracy Riley and board members Al Herbert and John Devlin sparred over residency of board member, Farook Hossain. Riley virtually forced board secretary to ignore Hossain’s vote. Riley made accusation that Hossain no longer lived in Atlantic City.

Based on info from Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office, Farook Hossain is not an Atlantic City resident, his vote can’t be recorded.

Tracey Riley

According to the Press of Atlantic City: Not counting Hossain’s vote cost Devlin the Board President seat as he received four votes and board member Shay Steele received five. In the same manner, Patricia Bailey was selected as board vice president.

During meeting, Solicitor Riley claimed: (see video)

  • Hossain is no longer an Atlantic City resident.
  • Hossain is still on the board.
  • Hossain’s vote can’t be recorded

The leadership of the Atlantic City Board of Education changed Monday night in what some called possibly illegal steps. Read more at Breaking AC.

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7 thoughts on “Atlantic City School Board Solicitor Disqualifies Critical Vote.”

  1. Geoff Rosenberger

    I believe, like everything in Atlantic City, there is a clandestine political motive behind this – otherwise – they would not be fighting so hard.

  2. Thank God I retired. Journalists should find a few current or retired teachers who will go on the record and explain how screwed up the AC school district is. Especially Atlantic City High School.

    Trust me, that the district is a mess.

    Barry Caldwell, LaQuetta Small, Jimmy Knox, Lakeisha Hyman and their posse, are an embarrassment to other district administrators, and educators in general.

    Tracy Riley is an incompetent attorney. Atlantic City Schools have been going downhill ever since Fred Nickles retired many years ago.

    Last night’s special Board Meeting was an abomination and an embarrassment. It’s not going to get any better unless there’s a thorough house cleaning and that won’t happen because it is Atlantic City.

  3. This is nothing more than an unlawful, hostile takeover of the ACBOE. Solicitor Tracey Riley produces NO PROOF that Farook Hossain doesn’t live in town.

    They pressured (Board Member) Subrata Chowdry to vote for Superintendent Barry Caldwell’s preferred candidates who will vote to approve her contract. 🤬

    Barry Caldwell is not a certified teacher. Not even a substitute. Somehow, the State of NJ gave Caldwell a School Supervisors certification? Still never been investigated.

    The new / unlawfully elected School Board President, Shay Steele, and Vice-President Pat Baily are BOTH conflicted when voting on personnel matters.

    Johnson’s wife works inside school district. So does Pat Baily’s son. Frankly, this compromises their ability to serve. They have undue influence on matters that effect personnel and budget.

    Ironically, the NJ State Monitor was absent from this meeting.

    Caldwell falsely claimed there wasn’t a quorum for the last meeting which he postponed the morning of, having NO authority to do so.

    To compound this criminal activity, the NEW Superintendent appointment is down to the final THREE candidates! Johnson and Baily are both barred from that conflict, yet have still sought to influence the vote.

    Attorney Riley was a major campaign contributor to BOTH candidates this last election cycle. That’s a conflict, with Attorney Joe Jacobs, Caldwell’s Brother-in-Law and “Of Counsel” for Riley and Riley pulling the strings.

    This unlawful election MUST be challenged and voided by the courts.

  4. His children attend school at Richmond Ave. As do Marty’s Smalls and Walt Johnson’s children; even though they live at the other end of town. They all know he lives in AC yet THEY asked for the prosecutor to investigate despite NO evidence being presented at the board meeting ?!?! 🤬

  5. Mr.Forkin Leave The Children out of this they aren’t talking as though they children are Guilty of Anything. The circumstances have to do with Living OFF Of the SHORE. It’s illegal to Live out of Atlantic City and hold a Position on the SCHOOL BOARD .😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧

  6. Seriously?!?! His children attending SCHOOL in Atlantic City are a MAJOR proof that HE lives in AC! Period! Additional proofs are the fact that he is registered here to vote AND has a HOME in HIS name! You obviously have an agenda in supporting these board fools that are trying to remove him because he disagrees with their false agenda! Hell those Board Members can’t even vote on the personnel issues as they have direct family members employed in the district! They don’t give a damn about the students, only lining their pockets and the pockets of their family members

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