Atlantic City School Board Under Grand Jury Subpoena.

Harry Hurley WPG Radio Sex Scandal School Board Marty Small

According to long-time school board member, John Devlin, the Atlantic City Board of Education (ACBOE) is currently under a Grand Jury subpoena.

Devlin also announced that he’s filing a complaint with the Board of Ethics.

Devlin: School board members have violated ethics laws. School Boss Barry Caldwell illegally changed date of ACBOE re-org meeting. Most of the ACBOE were not aware.

Radio host, Harry Hurley is a close friend of George Tibbitt, the Atlantic City Council President. Tibbitt is on the ballot with AC Mayor, Marty Small.

Queen of Privilege; LaQuetta Small, wife of Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small.

Proud, Black, Atlantic City Mom.

WPG Radio Host: It’s a ‘corrupt maneuver’ by the conflicted School Board Solicitor, Tracey Riley. Devlin had the votes to continue as President of the School Board. At the last minute, Riley claimed ACBOE member Hossain’s vote couldn’t be counted.

Under Caldwell and Small, less than 25% of Atlantic City students pass basic math, reading or writing test.

Radio host: ‘Politically corrupt decision’ to suppress the vote of a duly appointed board member.

AC School Superintendent has been called off again. ACBOE President Shay Steele wants to control selection process.

According to documents, Small may have ignored student sex abuse allegations committed by her cousin, Kayan Frazier.

From BreakingAC: Lawsuit names Mayor Marty Small and his wife, High School Principal La’Quetta Small, claiming they knew about crimes of Kayan Frazier when he groomed and sexually assaulted her son. Frazier is Small’s cousin. He was substituting at Pennsylvania Ave School when he met young student victim. Small was principal at Pennsylvania Ave at the time. Small reported Frazier was having boy sleep at his home in 2017, but timeline shows LaQuetta Small waited two months before notifying anyone of the issue, which violates district policy. Frazier was later fired and then hired by the NJ State Department of Children and Families, where he was a caseworker at the time of his arrest in April 2019.

During the July 20 meeting, Caldwell was once again accused of locking the doors, keeping people out of the ACBOE meeting.

As one of her first duties as Principal of ACHS, LaQuetta Small immediately removed a popular school uniform requirement. Moms now being forced to buy expensive outfits and sneakers for their kids, instead of affordable shirts & pants worn by all students.

LaQuetta Small may have plenty of college degrees, but her track record of teaching kids is consistently rated as ‘poor’.

Public Comment

During a past ACBOE meeting, then Councilman Marty Small openly attacked various ethnic groups. Small was accused of hate speech during that public tirade.

See: Racist rhetoric against the current ACHS principal, Lena Gill, a beloved Hispanic teacher. Small dragged Ms. Gill through the mud. No reason given why School boss Caldwell replaced Gill with LaQuetta Small.

Note: Current ACBOE President Shay Steele regularly mocks board member Al Herbert, an Atlantic City Police Officer. Laughing while calling out Herbert for being a cop. Anti-cop rhetoric direct from School Board President Steele filters down to Atlantic City youth.

Illegitimate vote. Hossain was prevented from voting by ACBOE Solicitor Tracey Riley. A judge ultimately overturned that decision.

Sending district Ventnor has played a questionable role in all of this. A past Ventnor rep on the AC School Board, Kim Bassford, voted against an independent investigation into numerous student sex abuse allegations. By municipal ordinance, current Ventnor Mayor, Beth Holtzman, appoints Ventnor’s rep to the ACBOE.

Ventnor is a ‘Sending District’ to ACHS. Ventnor sends 191 students to ACHS. Ventnor taxpayers are billed $4 million for that privelege.

The current Ventnor board rep, Michael Cupeles, on his first night as a AC school board member, voted YES to an eye-popping, 12% raise for AC School Boss, Barry Caldwell.

Caldwell, along with Mayor Small and ACHS principal LaQuetta Small are defendants in a Student Sex Abuse lawsuit filed by a mother who claims her child was molested by Kayan Frazier, a relative of Marty and LaQutta Small. Frazier lived at the Small home for a period of time.

Caldwell being blamed for not posting ACBOE agendas in a timely manner. Often, they’re not posted at all.

ACBOE meeting minutes, or video of those meetings, are never posted. Ignored, even when requested via OPRA, the Open Public Records Act,

If one gets access to the live video stream of the ACBOE meeting, they’ll find the audio quality is very poor. Often, one can’t hear or understand what’s being said. Caldwell sees no reason to fix that problem.

During the July 20 ACBOE meeting, Superintendent Caldwell was asked again to provide a copy of his new contract, worth over $220,000. Caldwell claims nothing has changed, so no need to provide a copy.

Contracts. Litigation. Giving raises to the School Boss. Non-sensical compensation practices. But, virtually no discussion about the kids.

A dysfunctional Atlantic City School Board led by Shay Steele and Superintendent Barry Caldwell. NJ State monitor, Carole Morris, sits idly by and watches.

During the recent superintendent search, LaQuetta Small didn’t make the cut. The Mayor’s wife was NOT one of the three finalists.

AC School Boss, Barry Caldwell, accused of hiding school plans:

  • Facial mask requirements for kids.
  • Virtual schooling for upcoming school year via Zoom.
  • Substantial changes to student curriculum.
  • CRT, Critical Race Theory. 1619 Project.
  • Transgender rights supersede women’s rights.
  • Biological males identifying as female, allowed in girls bathrooms & locker rooms.
  • Boys who identify as girls, competing in girl’s high school sports.
  • Segregation based on skin color, gender identity, political ideology.

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