Atlantic City School Board Votes to Hire Outside Investigator for Child Abuse Scandal.

WATCH VIDEO from OCT 20, 2020.

The Atlantic City School Board voted to hire outside council to investigate alleged child sex abuse within the school district. Over 80 participants joined the online conference meeting on Tuesday Oct. 20 with Atlantic City Board of Education President, John Devlin presiding.

The alleged child pornographer, Kayan Frazier, was a substitute for the school district working at Pennsylvania Ave School. At that time, LaQuetta Small was the principal.

LaQuetta Small is married to Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small. According to the Front Runner New Jersey website, LaQuetta’s mother’s last name is Frazier.

Kayan Frazier worked for the Atlantic City school district and as a child caseworker for the state. Frazier is federally charged for producing images of child sexual abuse. Frazier was fired from AC School district in 2017 when he was caught having 11-year-old student sleep over at his home.

According to Federal documents, after Frazier was fired from the AC School District, he got a job with the Department of Child Protection and Permanency.

Kayan Frazier was charged in April 2019 by the U.S. Attorney’s Office with allegedly receiving, distributing and producing images of child sexual abuse.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Durwood Pinkett says graphic details of the legal report still haunt him. A super-predator was able to infiltrate our school district. Those victims need attention. Public is getting stonewalled. We want answers. How did this happen? Any other victims?

Activist Steve Young wanted to know:

  • Was Kayan Frazier background checked?
  • How many kids affected? Did they receive counseling?
  • How and when were parents contacted?
  • When was school board and Superintendent Caldwell notified?
School Solicitor Riley

ACBOE Solicitor Riley: Hard to believe my integrity being called into question. I will do a complete and thorough investigation.

Amin Muhammad: Internal investigation is not good enough. We need an independent investigation.

Latoya Dunstan: The system has failed our children again.

A school board vote was called. Should the ACBOE hire independent council to investigate this matter?

  • Patricia Bailey NO
  • Kim Bassford (Ventnor Representative) NO
  • Ruth Byard NO
  • Subrata Chowdhury YES
  • Albert Herbert YES
  • Farook Hossein YES
  • Kazi Islam YES
  • Shay Steele NO
  • Allen Thomas YES
  • John Devlin YES

6-4, motion carried.

Atlantic City School Superintendent Barry Caldwell was on the hot seat all night.

Tom Forkin: Kayan Frazier is registered to vote using the Small home address in Atlantic City. In 2017, Frazier voted using that address. Why wasn’t ACPD notified about this child abuse? Some form of cover up? Did stuff happen in Small’s home?

Superintendent Barry Caldwell interrupted Forkin and tried to silence his comments.

ACBOE member Al Herbert: Documents suggest that we should revisit nepotism policy. Can’t wrap my head around this. Why wouldn’t we want independent investigation? We need to hire somebody far-removed from this issue. There is inherent conflict. Example: Superintendent Caldwell put Solicitor Riley contract on agenda without letting ACBOE know.

NJ State Monitor Carole Morris
NJ State Monitor Carol Morris.

State-appointed monitor Carol Morris says she wants to seek her own legal counsel. She has doubts about legal merits of investigation. Person not convicted. What constitutes an emergency meeting? NJ State will get much more involved.

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