Atlantic City Schools: Bad for Taxpayers, Worse for Parents and Students.

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Insiders within the Atlantic City School District don’t like how the search for a new superintendent is going, so they voted to restart the process. Huh?

The AC School Board needs to replace outgoing superintendent, Barry Caldwell. He should be gone by June 1, but will now stay month-to-month until a replacement is agreed upon.

ACBOE member John Devlin to School Board President: You are conflicted, Mr. Steele. You terminated the search. Why was AC Councilman Kaleem Shabazz told a new search would be conducted?

Atlantic City School District always in a state of chaos. Meetings never seem to focus on kids. Rather, the highly politicized board battles incessantly over lawsuits, contracts, personnel and pay raises. Shameful.

Atlantic City schools barry caldwell marty small

AC SCHOOLS. Bad for taxpayers, but much worse for parents and their kids.

Superintendent Barry Caldwell rarely posts agenda items in a timely manner. And don’t waste your time trying to find ‘meeting minutes’ either.

Good luck getting a response from the School Board secretary. FYI: AC School District not that interested in your OPRA request.

Many residents, parents and taxpayers are routinely kept from joining the online meetings. That’s if they can find the link. Some are cut off mid-sentence if Caldwell disagrees with commenter.

Why allow conflicted members to vote, to suspend, restart superintendent search?

The AC School Super search committee narrowed list down to 3 candidates. One outsider. Two from in-house.

AC Super Caldwell, ACBOE Prez Steele and Mayor Party Small not happy with top three candidates? Was Mayor Small’s wife, LaQuetta on that list?

Who put stuff on the agenda? Nobody wanted to provide a clear answer to that one.


Board President Shay Steele: Struggled with questions. He’s conflicted. Why is Steele still involved? Steele needs to upgrade his sub-par microphone too. Difficult for parents to hear what he’s saying. Almost like he’s trying to hide from the public.

We have conflicted member interfering with ongoing search. We’re losing $25k and 3 months of work. Long nights. Lots of resumes.

School board member John Devlin

Parents fear that LaQuetta Small, wife of AC Mayor Marty Small, has the inside track on the Superintendent job. Principal Small still dodging criticism for her handling of a student sex abuse scandal, involving cousin, Kayan Frazier.

Student Safety & Security Under Investigation?

Residents still waiting for School District to make a statement about student security.

What measures are being taken to better protect children within the district? How are Superintendent Caldwell and Mayor Small keeping predators out of the school district?

Next ACBOE meeting: Tuesday May 4, 6pm. Watch online or join in person.

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  1. surprised all three candidates are not from in house. School Board like City Council is a joke. State should take that over to.

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