Atlantic City Schools: Dangerous & Dysfunctional.

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Trust with your kids?

It’s true. The Atlantic City School district is getting much more dangerous. Lack of punishment and a negligent school administration can take most of the blame for that dubious honor.

Oddly, too few parents hold ACBOE (AC School Board) accountable. They fear retribution by Mayor Marty Small.

Watch video. Resident Steve Young ejected from recent AC School Board meeting. Young asked about continued, sexual abuse of Atlantic City students. (Raw video by BreakingAC )

Current AC school boss, LaQuetta Small, still playing defense over ugly school sex abuse case involving her cousin, Kayan Frazer.

Just last week, another Atlantic City student was charged with sexual assault of another student. Took almost a year to arrest that student. See BreakingAC here.

The ACBOE works hard to protect LaQuetta and her husband, Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small.

Newspapers like the Press of AC protect them as well.

Most Atlantic City crime stats don’t include casinos and schools.

LaQuetta Small may prefer that daily school crime stay hidden from public eyes.

Parents question Ventnor Mayor Holtzman and School Boss LaQuetta Small

Ventnor parents waking up. Starting to question Mayor Beth Holtzman’s glowing opinion of the AC school district.

Holtzman supported 12% raise for outgoing school boss, Barry Caldwell.

The Ventnor Mayor endorsed LaQuetta Small for AC school district superintendent. Even though Small & Caldwell were both being investigated for potential neglect resulting in the sexual assault of young student by a cousin of the Smalls, substitute teacher, Kayan Frazer.

NOTE: Ventnor may have lost a seat on the AC School Board, but it doesn’t really matter. Ventnor always voted with the LaQuetta Small majority. Ventnor’s vote was always controlled by Atlantic City insiders.

Two years ago, Ventnor sent 190 students to ACHS. Today that number has plummeted to 133.

Each year, parents scramble to avoid sending their kids to ACHS.

Facing pressure, before the end of her term, Beth Holtzman will soon step down as Mayor of Ventnor.

3 thoughts on “Atlantic City Schools: Dangerous & Dysfunctional.”

  1. Gerald Elgin McNeely

    And the ppl wonder why a 10 million dollar lawsuit has been filed against the city by a loan ex-employee when all the mayor had to do was be honest and have a sit down with said ex-employee…instead he let his staff get set to throw him under the bus and have this ugly lawsuit tarnish the city and state would you vote him back in after finding out this is going on

  2. TheHoneyBadger1971

    Im not even in the least bit surprised. Atlantic City schools are the worst in the state. I would send my kid to Satans school for sinners before I sent her to that whopping shit hole. The board and the mayor are corrput as shit, but being Democrats, this is precisely what I expect. Hope you all rot in hell.

  3. It is a shame and a disgrace that non of these adults are standing up or speaking up for the safety of our children. How can a child get the best education possible if they are being abused and misused. Every child does not have the same issues to deal with. The immorality why does the truth get swept under the rug and try to shut up when there are those who speak out against them.

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