Atlantic City Taxpayers & CRDA To Subsidize Supermarket Project

Coming to Atlantic City?

Will Atlantic City finally get a much needed supermarket? And why don’t we have one already?

Will CRDA sweeten the deal enough to attract a company like Shop-Rite?

Free land. Free building. Tax abatement. CRDA support. Shop-rite can’t lose. What’s not to like?

Shop-rite can’t lose. CRDA could financially back-stop this needed, but risky project.

Skeptics say this could be too much of a taxpayer burden. A questionable location on Baltic Ave. The need for heavy security and inventory control.

LISTEN. WOND RADIO. Atlantic City Supermarket Plans.

Listen: WOND talking AC Supermarket

Why have past efforts to bring a supermarket to town, failed? Maybe for the same reason that made KFC & APPLE pack-up and leave.

Shoplifting of food. Theft of shopping carts. Inventory vanishing.

Our 2-cents: While the Shop-Rite company may build a store in AC, we don’t think it’ll be called Shop-Rite. It could certainly look and act like one….but it won’t be called Shop-Rite.


  1. Have ShopRite deliver from any of their other locations with armed security riding shotgun

    1. carl mason,you really need to get a life,is your old lady really that annoying,that all you do each day is call every talk show,and comment about everything,try growing a garden to keep yourself busy.get a life.

  2. if it is not shoprite,then call it win-win-rite?i wish if i am allowed to invest in this win-win super market.

  3. There is a lot of empty land next to the Revel. Put the Grocery store on the beach front property so its easy to enter from the Boardwalk

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