Atlantic City Taxpayers Growing Concern Over Short Term Rental Properties

We call on the City of Atlantic City to take immediate action regulating short-term Short-Term rentals, banning non-owner occupied whole-home short-term rentals in single-family, residential neighborhoods. These types of rentals are closer to hotel use and commercial in nature which is not conducive to a residential neighborhood.

Single-family homes are being converted to Short Term Rentals and land usage is being changed without legal permission from the city or approval of the residents. According to the Atlantic City zoning map, R2 is clearly zoned for single-family residences only; no one has the right to change it. Short-term rentals of less than 6 months should not be permissible. Restrictions should be in place, limiting unchaperoned, short-term rentals to only resort-like districts. Along with the sober living homes, the influx of travelers and Short-Term Rentals is changing the character of our neighborhoods in Lower Chelsea, negatively affecting our quality of life, and transforming our quiet residential area into a revolving hotel district.

Additionally, the Short-Term Rentals hosts in residential areas are putting renters and neighbors in a bad situation. The renters are here on vacation, wanting to have a good time. They should be allowed to carry on, stay out late, and have fun without fear that they are too loud, and police will shut them down after 10pm. At the same time, without homeowners on-site or actively monitoring, year-round residents are being put in a situation we do not want, that is, having to monitor and police this, or call the police. We want to be good neighbors. No one wants to have to call the police night after night, but this is our current reality. The renters have a lack of respect for the neighborhood and homeowners who live here. It has become a burden having to deal with these issues.

On S. Tallahassee Ave., there are now two Short Term Rentals on the block (a sober living home in between) and another Short-Term Rentals behind on Aberdeen Pl. There is a lack of oversight and accountability for the renters, the excessive noise after 11pm (usually between 1am and 3am), and increased parking issues on a block already tight on parking, especially in the summer. Several year-round residents also do not have off-street parking, making their situation worse. Similar grievances that also include excessive trash and/or safety concerns exist on Bartram Ave., Delancy Pl., Montgomery Ave., Kingston Ave., Winchester Ave., and Aberdeen Pl.

These listings should comply with the city’s current municipal codes and be subject to the same noise, parking, and solid waste ordinances as the taxpayers of Atlantic City. We see no accountability at City Hall for enforcement of rules of any kind. These concerns are exacerbated by the current situation with Covid-19 and Governor Murphy’s 31 state quarantine list. Airbnb rental policy should be in alignment with the State of New Jersey: individuals from these states should not be permitted to book and/or be required to quarantine in place for 14 days upon arrival. They clearly are not doing this on vacation and are putting the neighborhood and community at risk. They also are not wearing masks outside the property and it is unlikely the number of people in the rental are from the same household.

If these short-term rentals remain with owners on-site, the city should be collecting tax revenue to offset the high taxes we are currently paying. We are told having Stockton University in our backyard, has increased the assessed value on Lower Chelsea properties. If we are paying higher taxes as a result, we should not be subjected to these nuisance properties. We are homeowners and taxpayers who never wanted to live next to a hotel.

We are homeowners and taxpayers who never wanted to live next to a hotel. What our streets are becoming is not where we chose to live.

Atlantic City Taxpayers Association.

EDITORS’ NOTE: At this point in time, the AC Taxpayers Association has yet to compel the City to provide access to video from the Planning Board, CRDA and the School Board. This should be job #1 for the Atlantic City Taxpayers Association. Until they step up, we can’t endorse the AC Taxpayers Association.


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  1. It makes sense why Atlantic City Taxpayers Association is not endorsed by AC Primetime. What noted here would do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they are trying to accomplish which is lower taxes. Short Term Rentals bring in much much needed tax base and review for the city. STRs are a critical part of the ecosystem and restricting them would have a devastating impact and only result in increasing taxes for residences and business owners. Here is some data… Short Term Rentals (STRs) in shore tourist destinations have been around for hundreds of years, well before online platforms like “Airbnb”. Last year Atlantic County STRs welcomed 43,800 guests and families into our wonderful city. Tens of thousands of STR reservations in Atlantic County goes without a hitch each year. Since the new tax law went into effect in 2018 extending state-administered and local occupancy taxes to STRs, Airbnb (not including reservations from other sites) alone has remitted $17.9 million in revenue directly to the state and cities. Not to mention the millions of dollars STR guests spend locally on restaurants, entertainment, transportation, and casino gaming. Additionally STR owners buy homes make significant investments in upgrades improving home values not to mention the local jobs they create (cleaning, maintenance, landscaping, management, etc…). There are different opinions on STRs… this is a beach resort town and I expect it would not be surprising that people would want to visit/vacation here. STR owners must be diligent in screening guests and if a bad apple renter happens to get by them I would suggest that owners have noise monitoring and video security technology installed at the property so that issues can be stopped before they occur. No one wants an illegal party at their home. The city can use already existing noise, parking, or trash ordinances to address issues and hold STR owners accountable.

    To add since this article is about taxes in AC. A lot of families own second summer/vacation homes in Atlantic County that do not live in Atlantic County this is very common in shore communities. Again this improves our home values but at the same time does not cost the Atlantic County Tax Payers ONE DIME in school taxes. The cost of sending just one child to school in Atlantic City is far greater than the property tax that a home would pay to the City.

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