Atlantic City Total Tax Rate Up 113% Since 2010

Ouch. Another property-tax rate hike for Atlantic City. Almost a 9 percent increase.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, the city’s tax rate has increased 96 percent since 2010 as the casino town’s tax base dropped amid gambling competition in nearby states.

When you add county, school, library & municipal all together, Atlantic City’s total tax rate is up about 113 % since 2010.

City Councilman Frank Gilliam called the city’s budget process “hideous”.

Full story in Press of Atlantic City

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  1. Mayor Guardian, hate to break it to you, but Atlantic City has not hit bottom as of yet. The vicious cycle of taxes going up and property values moving downward will continue until expenditures are brought under control. The State will now do what you were unwilling to do. The raising of taxes was the first step, the badly needed cuts will follow.

    For those who rant that the State should give A.C. more of the taxes it collects from the casinos, that is nothing more than a selfish desire to keep the status quo by way of an entitlement mentality. A $241 million budget is disgraceful when the city’s tax levy is only $123 million.

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