Atlantic City Voters Are Racist? Another Marty Small Melt-Down.

WATCH VIDEO > Marty Small. Bad For Atlantic City.

For those that still wonder why Atlantic City is one of the worst run cities in the country, just watch this video featuring AC Council President, Marty Small.

Atlantic City Voters Are Racist? Another Marty Small Melt-Down.

When frustrated or challenged, Mr. Small always blames the pigmentation of his skin. Marty Small always defaults to playing the race card. Except when it comes to the very white, CRDA. Marty conveniently avoids that elephant in the room.

Did ya hear? Marty Small compared New Jersey to Alabama. ‘Deep seated racial bias’ says Marty Small, who enjoys a $300,000 household income with plenty of perks.

Marty Small almost makes Mayor Frank Gilliam look re-electable. Well, kinda.

Marty always talks a big game. Full of bluster. Likes to use big words conjured up from his small mind.

Marty Small. Man-child. Shame on those who vote for this self-interested boob.



  1. If Marty Small wants to play the race card, he can attribute his and the mayor’s election successes to the fact that they both were supported heavily by the black residents in Atlantic City. Period. End of discussion.

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