Atlantic County Commissioner Coursey Battles Trump Derangement Syndrome

Orange man still bad, cries Atlantic County Commissioner, Ernest Coursey.

During the January 19 online meeting, Coursey was triggered. Big time. Offended that his ‘Trump is Evil’ resolution was not embraced by his Atlantic County colleagues.

Ignoring calls for unity, Coursey wanted additional and specific condemnation of politic violence that occurred Jan 6 at the Nation’s Capitol.

Resolution of support for New Jersey Senate Resolution No. 106 was sponsored by the far-left wing of the Democrat party; Caren Fitzpatrick and Ernest Coursey.

Ernest Coursey.

Looking to redirect attention away from a slew of controversial executive orders by the Biden administration, Atlantic County Commissioner Ernest Coursey went on a anti-trump tirade on Jan 19, 2021.

Commissioner Coursey and Atlantic City Mayor Small suffer from Trump Derangement syndrome?

Fellow Commissioners agreed with Coursey. The Jan 6 incident in Washington DC was horrible and unacceptable. But what about non-stop attacks on innocent civilians? What about destruction of businesses across the country for the past 2 years?

What about Steve Young’s BLM riots in Atlantic City?

Coursey, who’s also the Chief of Staff for Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, has been publicly accused of being too soft on the BLM and Antifa protests / riots of May 31 and July 4, 2020 in Atlantic City.

Both Small and Coursey allegedly knew BLM activist Steve Young’s march on May 31 was likely to turn violent.

BLM Activist Steve Young is the Chairman of the Atlantic City Planning Board.

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6 thoughts on “Atlantic County Commissioner Coursey Battles Trump Derangement Syndrome”

  1. William L Ruffin

    Only an idiot would follow a president like Donald Trump. Republicans have lost their minds and Harry Hurley is a total nut job.

  2. William Ruffin only a loon as you must be would have voted against Trump, and voted for a foolish old man like Biden. Look at the damage he has done in two weeks. Thousands of jobs lost. Aliens by the thousand decending on our boarders that are going to cost us much in many ways.. I;ll give Biden a few months, and I;ll bet you and many others who voted for him will be asking (Please Donald come back) We had enough.

  3. William L Ruffin

    It’s obvious you’re still drinking Trump’s orange Kool-Aid. Trump will never (ever) be president again so stop dreaming and get a life. How can anyone fall for a compulsive lier and con man. It’s unbelievable, and sad.

  4. You are unbelievable and sad, you will see that in a few months, when your party, run by elderly old people like Palosi, Shurman, and Biden run this country into the ground. Wake up fool. As I said look to what is happening at the boarders already. What do you liberal fools think, that just this one thing is going to do to this country. Not to mention all the other foolish things this old man has been doing in the past two weeks. Trump 2024 . You will be voting for him after four years of these morons.

  5. Like his name suggests mayor Small has a small brain and should be focusing on things other than Trump

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