Atlantic County Democratic Chief Suleiman Covers for Mayor Gilliam & Marty Small

Suleiman Gets Evil Eye from Craig Callaway

Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman was triggered by a social media post made by the Republican Party of Atlantic City.

Reports suggest that Suleiman may have ‘cracked’ when reading satirical posts making fun of their new party leadership, featuring Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.

Suleiman, like others in the Democrat Party, are concerned with the growing amount of moderates and ‘Blue Dogs’ in their party, Jeff Van Drew being one of them.

Suleiman and Gilliam. Two Peas in a Pod.

Leftists / socialists like Mr. Suleiman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar not happy that NJ Democrat Councilman Mark Razzoli opposes NJ Governor Phil Murphy’s Sanctuary State.

According to : Razzoli, the NJ councilman, accused politicians of “obstructing justice” for tweeting and sharing information advising illegal aliens how to avoid detention during an ICE raid. Razzoli also declared that sanctuary statehood is really about “identity politics,” not public safety, and part of socialists’ plan “to shame the public into believing that anyone who opposed them are racist or xenophobic haters.” SEE VIDEO >

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Yes, the race card is being played more often. Even more than before. Attempts to win elections or get promotions, as was the case with the wife of Council President Marty Small, an Atlantic City school principal. WATCH VIDEO>

Atlantic City area Democrats have given a pass to the recent racial outbursts by AC Council President, Marty Small. Suleiman stayed silent on that, as well as the ongoing legal struggles of Atlantic City Mayor, Frank Gilliam.

AC Council President Marty Small Blames Racism for His Success.

As noted, Suleiman and others have worked overtime to ensure all illegal aliens in New Jersey will soon get taxpayer funded legal protection, health care, drivers licenses, free college and total protection from federal law.

Suleiman has yet to comment on the negative ramifications of NJ being a full-blown, Sanctuary State, and whether he wants to abolish ICE.

NJ Senator Chris Brown, along with Atlantic County Assembly Candidate, Phil Guenther, have yet to make a comment on the issue.

It should be noted that the Atlantic City Republican Club is virtually non-existent. Well, it certainly seems that way. Odd that Suleiman is paying attention to an organization with barely a pulse. Even the Atlantic County Republicans are on life-support, forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel with their endorsement of former Brigantine Mayor, Phil, ‘Greenhead’ Guenther.