Atlantic County Democrats Say Money Raised, Determines Candidate Qualifications.

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Social Justice Warrior Muller

NJ Congressional underdog candidate, Seth Grossman must be scaring the crap out of Van Drew supporter. Grossman is facing yet another wave of left-wing media attacks. This time, for his fundraising efforts and Social Media history. These attacks are increasingly common for most GOP candidates across the country. Even for Supreme Court nominees.

This week, Grossman responded to another story in the left-leaning Press of Atlantic City. The newspaper highlighted a 2014 Social Media article that Grossman shared from former Congressman and retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Allen West, who is black.

Grossman fired back at the newspaper’s posting of the liberal leaning activist group, Media Matters.

The struggling Press of AC, now managed by a Davenport Iowa company, saw fit to quickly publish, without fact-checking, the debunked Media Matters hit piece.

From Press of Atlantic City: “Media Matters was the cheerleader for the fake news ‘Hands Up. Don’t Shoot’ big lie. That big lie was repeated by all so-called mainstream news outlets and Hollywood celebrities,” Grossman said. “Those Media Matters lies had deadly effect. The number of police officers killed in the line of duty (in 2014) increased by 24 percent to 126.”

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Press of Atlantic City’s Scott Cronick

Grossman easily won the Republican primary for the nomination to succeed Rep. Frank LoBiondo, who was often accused of being a RINO, Republican in name only.

Republican Seth Grossman faces Democrat Jeff Van Drew in November’s general election.

Atlantic County GOP Chairman, Keith Davis, has finally chimed-in on the issue. Why so slow to step up and defend his party’s candidate? Davis is coming off an embarrassing primary season. The GOP committee endorsed Hirsh Singh, a millennial with no political experience, but deep pockets. Singh promised to spend millions that never came. Atlantic County GOP leadership looked just as bad as the Dems. Money no longer equals win.

Davis told the Press: Grossman is not a racist. (No kidding) “You can say many things about Seth Grossman, but the man doesn’t have a racist bone in his body.”

Is Democrat Jeff Van Drew a homophobe for opposing gay marriage?

Is Van Drew a bigot for opposing sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants? Voters will answer those questions in November.

Analysts have predicted that any moderate leanings that Van Drew may have, will be quickly wiped away if he takes that congressional seat.

Michael Muller, the controversial chief strategist for Van Drew, has pointed to Grossman’s efforts in raising big money. Muller links money raised… with capability. Not smart, says those familiar with the situation. Muller sees money as a key factor in determining a candidates ability to lead. Opponents scoff. Even Atlantic County Democrats cringe. Dems recall the $5 million wasted by the NJ Teachers Union, that failed to unseat State Sen. Steve Sweeney.

Muller: Jeff Van Drew has raised 10x as much in this past quarter alone as Seth has raised the entire campaign.

Muller has yet to explain how Hillary Clinton lost her chance at the White House, even though she had the full support of mainstream media and deep pocketed donors like George Soros and other progressive activist groups.