Atlantic County Economic Alliance Still Searching for Leader

Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson
County Exec Levinson Still Looking for Leader

One year ago, in September of 2015, AngelouEconomics delivered a detailed road map for the re-invention of both Atlantic City and Atlantic County. Hiring someone to put this plan into action was a top priority. Here we are 12 months later, and still no leadership in place. This well-regarded study was paid for by Atlantic County, lead by Executive Denny Levinson. See Study Here.

Angelou report: hire a pro to become Executive Director of ‘Atlantic County Economic Alliance’.

The Executive Director position is still vacant. Those smart, critical plans still not being implemented. What gives?

Atlantic County, Executive Director Search

The Opportunity

Atlantic County Economic Development Corporation (“ACEDC”) is searching for an Executive Director.  He or she will manage and lead Atlantic County’s economic development efforts to achieve the county’s economic aspirations and guide incentives to retain and attract businesses. Atlantic County is rich in existing and new business opportunities; a visionary will be able to attain career success and achieve professional recognition for realizing regional economic development and growth.

Salary & Benefits

Please contact Angelos Angelou at to learn more about the salary and benefits.

Qualifications and Responsibilities

ACEDC is seeking an Executive Director to build, shape, develop and execute the county’s new “ground-up” ED program; implement its newly developed strategic plan; and build Atlantic County, New Jersey into a premier business destination in the Northeast United States. The ideal candidate will have 5 – 7 years of sales/marketing experience in an ED organization. The position requires strong leadership, communications and organizational skills and the ability to work effectively with local business leaders, community groups and development agencies, planning and zoning boards, regulatory agencies and government officials.

This Executive Director needs to be results-oriented, decisive, articulate, creative, tech savvy and aggressive. The individual chosen will reside in and take an integral leadership role in Atlantic County, and must have the will to take ongoing action to get the job done. The right candidate will need to be confident in his or her marketing and sales skills, respectful, organized, charismatic and a good listener. He or she will need to be outgoing and a spokesperson on business development issues.

The Executive Director will be responsible for planning, administration and operations of programs; developing and managing staff; and business and public affairs. In concert with ACEDC, the Executive Director will establish an economic development vision and determine what Atlantic County will be known for in the future. As a key player in all negotiations and marketing, the Executive Director should be a relationship builder and deal closer.  The Executive Director will be directly and immediately responsible for recruiting public and private investors in support of Corporation activities, and identifying and securing resources from public, private and non-profit sources.

The Region

Over 275,000 people call Atlantic County home. The county is a popular tourist destination with some of the best beaches on the East Coast, and is known for its specialty agriculture, including blueberries, vegetables and shell fish. The county is home to two higher education institutions, Stockton University and Atlantic Cape Community College. These institutions help to train the future workforce and prepare them for innovative careers.

Strategically, the county has a number of leverageable assets, including: airport and airspace opportunities, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and UAV testing sites, other federal programs and facilities, Stockton University & Atlantic Cape Community College, Stockton Aviation Research and Technology Park, proximity to major markets, development and redevelopment repurposing opportunities, affordable home prices, available workforce global connectivity,  etc.

Based on these assets, as well as the fusion of innovation and historic industries, the county has a number of target industries such as tourism, hospitality, avionics, aerospace and aircraft maintenance, entrepreneurial business centers, specialty manufacturing, etc. Moving into the next decade, Atlantic County is poised to build on its historic roots and branch out as a leader in technology.

Atlantic County Economic Development Corporation

The ACEDC is a newly created 501(c) 3 economic development corporation located in Atlantic County, NJ.  This organization is looking for an accomplished professional to make a difference in the county and to lead the county into the forefront of economic development opportunities as outlined in its recently completed strategic plan.

Click here for a full job description.  

Report Summary. Atlantic County Assets:

  • Airport and airspace opportunities
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and UAV testing sites
  • Other Federal programs and facilities
  • Stockton University + Atlantic Cape Community College
  • Stockton Aviation Research and Technology Park
  • Proximity to major markets (30 million Consumers)
  • Environmental amenities
  • Quaint communities with tourist appeal
  • Development, redevelopment, and repurposing opportunities
  • Affordable home prices
  • Global connectivity
  • Casino Reinvestment Development Authority

Report Summary. Atlantic County Challenges to Overcome:

  • Lack of economic diversity
  • Lack of regional economic development coordination/cooperation
  • State-centric economic development reliance
  • Economic decline • High taxes • Other high costs of doing business
  • High unemployment • Low workforce skills
  • Deteriorating Atlantic City infrastructure
  • Areas of high crime
  • Varied K-12 school performance
  • State regulatory impediments, including CAFRA and Pinelands

Can you handle this? If so, Atlantic County…. and Atlantic City…. desperately needs you.