AUDIO. New Accusations. Biased Atlantic City Mayoral Debate at Dante Hall

LISTEN TO AUDIO > The 2017 Atlantic City Mayoral Debate at Dante Hall was quite the slanted circus last week. Incumbent Don Guardian, along with challengers Councilman Frank Gilliam, Joseph Pollillo, Henry ‘Hank’ Green clumsily sparred in front of 100+ onlookers.

LISTEN to our take on the chaotic, allegedly biased, Atlantic City Mayoral Debate broadcast on WOND radio.


The political rhetoric was often heated, spirited and funny. Too often, the moderator, Scott Cronick of WOND Radio lost control of the proceedings as the questionable ‘Pinky Rules’ created confusion and chaos.

NOTE: Cronick’s day job is manager of Press of Atlantic City Food & Entertainment publications. Cronick is financially compensated by advertisers running commercials in his daily WOND Radio show.

Accusations piled up on debate moderator Scott Cronick as announcements were made thanking the Re-Elect Don Guardian campaign as the primary/exclusive debate sponsor. Other Mayoral candidates were not afforded same opportunity to co-sponsor this supposed un-biased political debate.

WOND Moderator Cronick Accused of Moderator Bias During Atlantic City Mayor Debate

Residents were outraged. ‘Radio WOND 1400am and on-air moderator Scott Cronick (also an employee of Press of Atlantic City) should have not accepted any political ads during this event.’