Bart Blatstein, Why Did Epic Comic Con Pull Out of Showboat?

Bart Blatstein and AC Mayor Frank Gilliam

Does the Showboat really have 85 events booked in the next 16 months? LOL.

Epic Comic Con just cancelled their massive 3 day show at Showboat, Atlantic City. June 21st – 23rd, 2019.

Altered Reality Entertainment was pumped to launch Epic Comic Con in Atlantic City. So what happened? Why the last minute pull-out? Bart move the goal post?

Speaking of Bart Blatstein… the podcast team of Kyle & Craig – from the awesome ‘Due For A Win’ podcast, review some of Blatstein’s AC investments. Has Bart’s arrival in Atlantic City been helpful to the average citizen? To the non-casino taxpayers?

Due for a Win Podcast (DFAW) covering Atlantic City, gambling, hotels, restaurants, and the casino industry. Listen > Blatstein’s other investments in Atlantic City are dismal, including the Pier at Caesars, where he ballyhooed a transformation to the “Playground,” and “T Street,” not to mention the never-realized Bart Bowl concept.

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The horribly named Playground, is a virtual ghost mall. A spectacular structure over the AC Surf. Amazing views and decks. Wasted. Just sitting there.

Did you know? The always busy Apple store recently exited from the Playground Pier. Guess that handful of Stockton students weren’t enough to keep APPLE around. A few stores still remain though: Budokhan, Philips Seafood, Tommy Bahama. It’s Sugar and a few others.

Playground Pier now features over 50 empty stores. Need more proof that Bart is a great, distressed property investor, and NOT an operator?

Blatstein’s land grab of Garden Pier. Has it helped Atlantic City? Bart floats dream of extending Garden Pier to 600 ft.

Imagine if OCEAN CASINO was allowed to buy that pier in front of their beach front casino property.

Bart, along with vulture investor colleague Glenn Straub, own many land parcels in the Inlet section of the city. All sitting empty. Waiting for that AC revival. Maybe a few more crumbs of support from the CRDA.

Blatstein can’t offer gambling inside his Showboat. Foolish deed restrictions OK’ed by the City of AC harming development. To get around that roadblock, Bart wants to build a gaming and sports book on his lot next door.

Will Bart convert some Showboat hotel rooms into apartments? Maybe AirBnB those units?

Daggers. Smiles.

Blatstein & Caesars. Not exactly friendly neighbors. They’re tied at the hip, for now.

Blatstein owns the shopping mall that sits on top of the pier owned by the financially unstable casino company. Caesars Entertainment also owns Harrahs and Bally’s. Their lack of cooperation has squashed what could be a spectacular destination for Atlantic City.

The Playground Pier at Caesars offers amazing views of the beach & ocean. Something you can’t enjoy from the world famous, Atlantic City Boardwalk. Duh.

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Bart wants a sports book. Not in Showboat, but in the proposed casino he wants to build next to Showboat.

DFAW, Due For A Win: Ridiculous things Bart wants to bring in. Really, 80 scheduled events?

  • DFAW not bullish on Bart. Not bringing much to the city.
  • Bart has no real plans. No realistic ideas. No real vision
  • Playground pop-up shops? Playground is really awful
  • Extend Garden Pier to 600ft?

Vaporware. Bart blowing smoke while he grabs more cheap property?

Bart Blatstein. Buyer of distressed properties. Vulture investor. And a damn good one.

DFAW: If I were AC, why would I let this guy do it? You know he’s gonna do nothing with it. He’s gonna sit there…and wait around. Waiting for possible appreciation and a pay-off.

DFAW: He’s doing nothing to help the city. Bart Blatstein: No intention of long-term plans and staying here. He’s putting the least amt of money into things. He doesn’t deserve any benefit from the city.

Epic Comic Con Was To Beam William Shatner to Atlantic City

Fans were excited about legendary William Shatner appearing at the first-ever Epic Comic Con at the Showboat Hotel Atlantic City, previously slated for June 21 – 23, 2019.

Shatner is best known for his iconic role as Captain James Tiberius Kirk of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek: The Original Series.