Biased Atlantic City Mayoral Debate? Political Skew and Public Outing.

In what has become a common theme during this political season, allegations of media bias and dirty tricks were again leveled against a local Atlantic City newspaper and Radio station.

WOND-AM radio and moderator Scott Cronick, an employee of the Press of Atlantic City, were the target of anger by canadiates and audience members at Dante Hall on Thursday Oct 10, at the AC Mayoral debate.

Cronick faced heckles and jeers as audience members were clearly unhappy with moderation of this critical, public debate.

The first serious infraction: WOND management allowed unbiased debate to be exclusively sponsored by incumbent mayor, Don Guardian. On-air announcements were made during the broadcast; “Sponsored by Guardian For Mayor”. Other candidates were not afforded same sponsorship opportunity.

Cause for a lawsuit against the Atlantic City Mayor? Mr. Guardian called out the home address of a former political colleague, who is now a private citizen.

LISTEN to radio reports and commentary from Dan Klein WOND & Harry Hurley WPG. >


Bob Newhouse says: Is there a reason why WOND allowed a participant in the debate to sponsor the debate? That made no sense to me and seemed rather one sided. I thought they were suppose to be non-bias, but clearly Guardian is WOND’s candidate.

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  1. I know third party candidates aren’t talking serious and are left out of many forums and debates I have other Green Party running mates in Atlantic county running for Freeholder and assembly that wasn’t invited to most debates and forums bet wasn’t invited to participate. Things seem bias to me! The Green party is here to stay so I hope they don’t continue these bias practices.

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