Biased Media, Fake News. WOND Radio Debate Between Senator Bell & Assemblyman Brown

Listen to the ACprimetime podcast. Back on OCT. 16, 2017, there was a debate between NJ State Senator Colin Bell and Assemblyman Chris Brown. It was held on WOND Radio, a small AM station in the Atlantic City area. Coincidentally… a struggling radio station that’s up for sale.

Both candidates want your vote to be a NJ State Senator for the next 4 years.

Here are some clips from the recent radio debate between Senator Bell & Assemblyman Brown.

Fair warning: I’m not playing and commenting on these clips to sway your vote. Rather…. I hope you’ll see that FAKE NEWS and BIASED NEWS is a real problem. Not just at the national level…… but especially here at the local level.

Biased media is a real problem, especially when the local news radio station….is partnered with the local newspaper.

The Atlantic City news radio station is up for sale. The local newspaper is bleeding readers and advertisers.

Kinda creepy…..a little too comfortable relationship between the moderator…and Assemblyman Brown.

Moderator Scott Cronick….calls Chris Brown ‘Buddy’…..laughs along with Mr. Brown. Yes, this is the same radio station moderator that took sponsorship money from Mayor Don Guardian, the incumbent candidate in a critical Atlantic City mayoral debate a few weeks ago at Dante Hall.

As the 2016 presidential election proved…..mainstream media plays a major role in what info is shared with voters….what people should know, what they should think….and potentially how they should vote.

Even with the non-stop trump bashing by national TV & Newspaper…..we know what happened as we selected our 45th president of the USA

The rise of fake news, Independent minded voters of South Jersey. The land of Nucky Johnson.

Nucky Johnson (1883–1968) was an Atlantic City, republican political boss, Atlantic County Sheriff, businessman, and racketeer. He was the undisputed “boss” of the political machine that controlled Atlantic City and the Atlantic County government from the 1910s until his conviction and imprisonment in 1941.

Many believe Nucky invented the well-oiled GOP political machine here in South Jersey.

‘Republi-crats’ …..Those that vote one way at the national level…but cast their vote another way… the local level.

Fake news. Control the narrative. Biased media & moderators.

  • Collusion. Not just with those pesky Russians, but between the failing mainstream media too.
  • Rhinos…..Republicans in name only.

Senator Colin Bell Vs Assemblyman Chris Brown.

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  1. At 11:53 in the podcast above, does Mr. Cronick refer to Assemblyman Chris Brown as Senator Chris Brown? Did I hear that correctly? If so, that proves your point unless it was a slip of the tongue by Scott.

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