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Black Men United

There’s a radio revolution going on….without that old school device called a ‘radio’. Podcasting, websites and email newsletters are now the fastest growing, most influential channels that provide critical news and info for the Atlantic City regional community.

Crazy. Disrespectful. On the first day of Black History Month (Feb), WOND Radio 1400am decided to cancel the popular Hank Green & Kevin Hall radio program. After 7 strong years, they were gone. Even though they were never paid or promoted, WOND station management decided to send the popular talk show packing. A critical voice for the urban, Atlantic City region was silenced. Temporarily.

Residents accuse station management of trying to keep the urban community in the dark. So what’s the REAL reason WOND 1400 am killed their Friday night show?

Partially in response to the so-called media ‘black out’, an organization called ‘Black Men United‘ was formed. According to their mission statement: A coalition of black men enforcing a black agenda. Black men standing up for their community. Holding leadership (like CRDA) accountable.

Jamez King El is a vocal member of Black Men United. He hosts an online radio show (podcast) called Vibe609 Radio. It’s one of the many shows on REVOLUTION RADIO network, Wednesday nights at 8pm.

Sucka Free Radio. ‘Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back’.

New Jersey Revolution Radio is a socialist podcast. We welcome other anti-capitalists or activists in NJ. No corporate money or influence funds our network.

WATCH > Black Men United made a dynamic appearance at the recent CRDA meeting.

MISSION AND PURPOSE of Black Men United (BMU).

A coalition of united, local grassroots- minded non-profits, professionals, businesses, activists, and community leaders, seeking to install a social economy in the City of Atlantic City and State of New Jersey.

Given our history of slavery, systemic racism, New Jersey State Takeover and ongoing economic oppression, we have highlighted and created a “Black Economic Agenda” as a form of restorative justice and as one of the first steps in the installment of a social economy for the Atlantic City, County, and State of New Jersey.

The creation and promotion of a Black Agenda is important because truth and justice are necessary for the promotion of social cohesion, the practice of cooperation, and for the creation of true community. The Black Agenda will also serve as a best practices model for elected officials, candidates for upcoming elections, coalition members, and concerned citizens.