Blaring Boardwalk Ads & No Ocean Views in Atlantic City

Noisy, irritating, Atlantic City Boardwalk commercials.

Almost impossible to sit or stroll along the boards. Want to have a pleasant conversation? It can’t happen on the Atlantic City boardwalk.

With no specific person responsible for the Atlantic City boardwalk, it’s become the wild wild west. Anything goes. CRDA turns a blind eye. Atlantic County plays dumb.

Listen to WOND 1400am radio: Discussion of this very irritating issue.

WOND Radio. Obnoxious Atlantic City Boardwalk Ads. Listen >


Almost every casino blares annoying advertisements from their boardwalk speaker system. It’s so loud, you’ll avoid these parts of the boardwalk.

We tried to sit on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Can’t do it. All that noise. Annoying. An irritant.

They first took away our ocean views. Then they added those loud, annoying commercials along the boardwalk. You can’t even sit on a bench and quietly talk to somebody.

Very Loud. Very Annoying. Atlantic City Boardwalk Commercials.

Blaring Boardwalk Ads

CRDA doesn’t have the thoughtfulness….to turn down the volume of those screens during parades or other special events.

An Atlantic City sickness: Always making an excuse for things that hurt Atlantic City. Pretending the problem doesn’t exist.

This AC Boardwalk video system was supposed to be a helpful platform for visitors. But, no. Today, these screens are just tools to bombard boardwalkers with poorly produced commercials.

All those TV screens along the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Loud. Obnoxious. Stupid.

Blaring Boardwalk Ads & No Ocean Views in Atlantic City.


  1. Follow the seagulls to the people eating food at the ocean on the beach there, tell the folks that is where the ocean meets the beach.

    1. carl mason,get a life,maybe start a garden to keep yourself busy,your annoying on both radio and media,you should get the busy body of the century award on ‘radio you wear your depends on’ ‘w.o.n.d.


    1. Yes yes yes that damn ballys and the guy fieri crap is so loud and obtrusive.I PERSONALLY KEEP MOVING TO GET AWAY FROM THE LOUD NOISE.

    2. Loud radio playing is a VIOLATION for a reason…

      Just another bunch of PAID OFF OFFICIALS that are allowing this OBVIOUS DESTRUCTION and VIOLATION…

      Dump ALL your government officials that are obviously being paid off…

      In fact, they all should be investigated COMPLETELY and fully, because if they take cash for this obvious pollution THEY ARE WAY MORE DIRTY IN OTHER AREAS OF THEIR GOVERNING…

      They violated the publics trust in a big way here…

      I’m not surprised…Government officials DELIBERATELY PLANNED the murder of thousands of innocent American citizens on 911…to SPEARHEAD an INVASION of the middle east to murder millions more…

      To quote George Carlin, “They don’t care about you AT ALL..AT ALL..AT ALL”

      Rember…No radio playing on the boardwalk… 😎

  3. The Boardwalk Committee, of which I am a member, continuously points out the blaring noise from the speakers…. In some sections, there are several different messages from speakers, vying for attention, and when the beach concerts are occuring, they seem to compete more…. Every time we get the volume lowered, it proves to be a temporary respite, and they are soon up to deafening levels. Council is aware, the mayor’s office is aware, CRDA is aware…. But nothing gets done because there is no accountability…. Regarding the dunes… if we can’t get rid of them, then let’s lower them… I regularly have to show visitors where the beach is…. the cooling breezes are stopped…. the ocean’s waves cannot be heard (even though they would soothe the soul instead of ignite anger like the monitor speakers)…. enough is enough…. The state of New Jersey has destroyed so many good things that combined to make Atlantic City a showplace…. on line gambling is up…. but, we need visitors up, way up, and an increase in middle class residents which must be supported through the rebuilding of the infrastructure that has been destroyed and neglected…. People have to want to live here, and have to want to visit here…. Many of us remember the early boom years (there were a few decades of them) before the state got heavily involved, and Atlantic City’s politics were so controlled through questionable practices by a few…. It’s simple from my standpoint…. I am a council candidate in the underdeveloped first ward… Elect me, and the people have a voice who is not afriad to stand up to anyone….. and has common sense and a love for our history and what AC can be…. The routes to our future are in our roots!

  4. I agree 100% with Mr. Rosenberger’s comments. Why do we residents have to always fight so hard to get everything good for our community???

    1. Stop the city from handing out Section 8 vouchers. It shows how poor the city is and poor people don’t bring up a city. Too much welfare and social problems that never was fixed.

  5. On the plus side it makes the freshly installed North End of the boardwalk seem downright bucolic. No jabbering screens – just ocean views and less people.

  6. I don’t like the regular commercials blaring on those screens like “We buy any”, but any ad or information about Atlantic City or businesses should run on them at a decent volume to help promote the city.

  7. Thank you for continuing to address this ongoing issue. It’s horrible and honestly keeps many many people away. My bike lock was clippped and bike stolen in front of Trop, and the music / ads were so loud that the police officer who stopped couldn’t even talk to me. Not that I even thought for a second that they would find the bike, but I was so frustrated and upset that I couldn’t even have a conversation. It’s pathetic and I feel for all the EMS personnel who have to work and deal with that terrible environment, and the people who just want some serenity. The boardwalk could be so great, and why it isn’t is almost a crime.

  8. So true the commercials are so loud and annoying and repetitive. And people ask where is the beach.can not be seen.with so many comments and still NOTHING is done.

  9. What I love about Atlantic city it makes ocean city nj and md look beautiful and I live in ventnor

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