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Blatstein Buy & Hold, CRDA Toilet Upgrades, AC Business Friendly?

crda atlantic city boardwalk hall
Flushing more money?

Some topics we cover on the FEB 22 edition of ACprimetime Radio podcast:

  • Bart Blatstein is Mr. ‘Buy & Hold’.  Smart vulture investor, not so hot business operator. See: Playground Pier.
  • CRDA $2 million toilet upgrade for Boardwalk Hall. More money being foolishly flushed?
  • How to make AC more business friendly. Streamline permitting process ( AC Councilman Jesse Kurtz on Dan Klein Radio show )
  • Councilman Jesse Kurtz: encourage street fairs, festivals. The struggle to make Atlantic City more business friendly. Streamline & simply permitting process. Remove unneeded red tape. Less paperwork. Encourage more events in Atlantic city. Event promoter. LISTEN > Dan Klein WOND Radio show: shouldn’t we entice producers to come in? Am I missing something?
  • Chad Minnes is best known for his Lacey Cleaning company. And with that success, is able to invest $$ in SWFpro.com;  a professional wrestling show that draws 1,000+ to these family friendly events. Minnes wants to bring SWF to Atlantic City this Summer. How many hoops will he need to jump thru? How many diff departments will need to give the OK? City, state, CRDA, mercantile, license & inspections?
  • New, but empty strip of retail stores next to Boardwalk Hall will stay vacant for the foreseeable future. TOLL BROTHERS (developer) is already looking to sell that property….just one year after completion. Can CRDA exert influence on TOLL BROTHERS…to use properties for ART SHOWS…or other ‘pop-up’ stores for the summer? CRDA sadly said ‘no’.

Casino Reinvestment Development Authority has approved spending $2 million to upgrade four sets of out-of-service bathrooms at Boardwalk Hall. Renovation of eight bathrooms, not used in long time.

  • If you are going to have a world-class facility, you can’t tell them that the bathrooms are unusable
  • Project involves the pipes and other infrastructure. It’s not just fixing the bathroom.”

Blatstein’s “multifaceted entertainment destination with art, music and food” for Garden Pier. Former volleyball court, Tower pitched a $40 million “multi-use event center”. Blatstein bought lots using name: A.C. Main Street Renaissance.

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