Blatstein Defends Slow Grow Playground on Atlantic City Boardwalk

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Photo Credit: Philadelphia Magazine

Philadelphia developer Bart Blatstein is defending his slow growing Playground on the Boardwalk. Formerly the ‘Pier at Caesars’, the Playground retail mall, along with it’s eateries and music clubs continue to experience growing pains.

According to The Press of Atlantic City, Playground tenants want to see more customer traffic.

“It’s definitely been a struggle here, and I think it’s been a struggle for Mr. Blatstein,” says Rene Esposito of the ‘Renee’ shop.

Several bars and clubs have come and gone since Blatstein opened the majestic….but oddly named ‘Playground’ in early Summer 2015. Gucci, Apple, Starbucks and Triax Media are still in the mall, but the three levels show a lot of empty stores too.

Read Full Story in Press of Atlantic City

More Woes at Playground in Atlantic City

Garces backs out, now plans to lease first-floor venues are underway.

Philly Magazine: There’s only so much you can do with a vacant luxury mall.

But that shouldn’t be a huge surprise given just how awful the project was executed. When I first went, the décor of the bars was quite literally ripped down from vacant establishments at The Pier and repurposed throughout the venue. It looked like a failing student design project from a high school art class.

But things got worse when Playground’s largest music venue, 39N, canceled a series of concerts during peak business in August. How does an oceanside entertainment complex call off shows in the middle of summer?


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  1. Mayor Guardian and Bart Blatstein work hard to put a positive spin on Atlantic City. You definitely can’t fault them for that. The problem is the reality doesn’t match the rhetoric and there’s nothing in the immediate future that’s going to change that . Maybe they should start a dreamer’s club.

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