Blatstein Renames Garden Pier as PierAC with July 12 Open

What exactly is a ‘PierAC’, and can owner / vulture investor Bart Blatstein finally put one in the Atlantic City WIN column?

The former Garden Pier on the AC Boardwalk has been re-branded as PIER AC. It’s situated above the beach, right in between the quiet Showboat Hotel and the dead-as-a-door knob REVEL.

According to, PierAC will reopen Wednesday, July 12 with country act Jessie Chris and maybe… trucks.

Bart Blatstein’s other properties – The Showboat and The Playground were supposed to be the second coming of family-friendly activities in Atlantic City.


Atlantic City’s newest destination for social gatherings, special events and water activities.

An outdoor promenade featuring live entertainment, classic cocktails and culinary delights from its rotating food trucks, Pier AC brings an unique venue to the World Famous Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Located at 600 Boardwalk (directly behind the Showboat Hotel) with convenient parking at Pacific and New Jersey Avenues.


  1. I hope the Showboat and Playground are not indicative of what’s to come.
    I give Bart Blatstein credit for trying, but I really wonder if anything will ever work to revive this sick patient.

    1. Buying isn’t trying. These properties needed a shave and a haircut and a first rate sales and marketing team. Bart thinks you just buy and then open the door and people wander in. WRONG!

  2. I think that Mr. Blatstein dreams a lot. In some cases that’s good but, I for one can’t understand why that mans Playground never took off! Since the place opened he advertised Sky Vodka and Coca Cola on the biggest billboards along the boardwalk right on his own pier instead of advertising his own business. 99% of the people walking along the boards didn’t even know what he had in that mall other than a bunch of closed down shops. When anyone walked into the Playground all that you saw was what had been there for years and after the Monkey Bar you saw a roped off section heading towards a row of shut down clubs, bars and restaurants. After Starbucks split a third of the visitors didn’t go back unless of course they wanted an Apple phone or a pair of panties from Victoria’s Secret. There are some really fine dining establishments in there but they survive on their own laurels. As for the T Street thing it never happened because of bad marketing, no one knew that it was there because it was always closed and the shades were as well. I personally dug the place especially the Trinity Pub, The Piano Bar and the Show Us Your Shoes Bar or whatever it was called. And I still talk about one of the best burgers that I’ve ever had in there!
    And as far as the Showboat goes well check it out for yourself, you wont go back unless they reopen Johnny Rockets real soon. Other than that it offers nothing. I wish him well in all that he tries to do in this city and maybe with the help of the Siganos family he might start to succeed in AC but until then good luck.
    I doubt that Mr. Blatstein will remember the conversation he and I had last year just before his purchase of the Showboat just in front of that property along the boardwalk when he overheard me telling people in front of the Showboat how great I thought that he was for the city and then he thanked me for my comments. But when I mentioned that I looked forward to working for him someday he cut me short and said that he doubts that would ever happen because I am too old he wants the young chippers in there. Remember us old guys are what made Atlantic City what it was before his kind came to town…

    1. He just uses the young chippers line because Bart is as you say a “Vulture Capitalist” and he only wants to pay these kids NOTHING. I know one he hired a nice kid a go getter but he had no experience marketing anything. Sorry , to tell you this Bart you have to pay for experience dude or you just get what you have empty properties.

  3. I hate being negative because I want the city to succeed, he isn’t doing anything spectacular that will make people from all around flock to his places. Food trucks? really Build on that pier!!!

  4. Geno, I think Mr. Blatstein smokes a lot of wacky weed and then dreams a lot. In his dreams he’s Carl ICahn one problem the big difference between him and Carl is that Carl doesn’t just buy he INVESTS. That said, Carl can be very nasty, but he does invest in his properties to get them cleaned up and fixed at least. Or he sells them off and moves on. Bart just buys and sits . Doesn’t work. Put down the hookah Bart and wake up dude. Money is fertilizer you gotta spread it around or nothing grows.

  5. This man should run out of money soon with all of the flops he has invested in. Flop after Flop after Flop. He needs a Flip to go with some of those Flops. LOL

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