Blatstein’s Playground Pier Loses 4 More Retail Stores

Playground Pier Atlantic City

We think the Playground Pier in front of Caesars on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, is one of the most valuable structures in town. Too bad the horribly named pier is 75% empty and getting worse. Last year,  Gucci, Burberry, Guess, L’occitaine, Starbucks and others exited. By Jan 2018, 4 more will be gone, including Tiffany, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton and Talk of the Walk.

The Apple Store, It’s Sugar, Tommy Bahama, Renee, and the very cool SPORTS CITY are staying put for now. Philips Seafood, The Continental and Budakhan continue their residency into the foreseeable future.

If we had to venture a guess, Caesars will one day soon take this beauty back from Boardwalk Bart. How many cash-flow negative properties can Blatstein handle? Showboat’s glow-in-the-dark golf is probably not gonna put a dent in Bart’s monthly Boardwalk nut.


The former Pier Shops at Caesars was acquired for $2.7 mil by Bart Blatstein’s Tower Investments in 2014.

The deal for this 3-story pier was not a friendly one. This explains why Caesars does nothing to encourage guests to walk across the Boardwalk to enjoy the Playground Pier offerings.



  1. The main reason why the Pier is failing is because there is no reasonable or close and convenient parking! 20 years ago, when it was Ocean One, there was a $5 municipal parking garage next to the boardwalk across from Caesars. The city sold the garage to Caesars. You just can’t generate enough foot traffic relying on Caesars and boardwalk patrons especially during the winter months. Tropicana’s shopping/restaurant area does well because of easy parking access. If you fix the parking, the Pier could have a chance.

  2. Doomed from day 1. Take a look at the people walking on the boardwalk. Young families of casino workers, day trippers, people who live in the area. Few and far between are the men shooting craps at Caesar’s who give their wives a few thousand and tell them to go shopping at the Pier. A Marshall’s or Nordstrom Rack would have been good, a Panera’s, Salad Works. Stores normal people can afford. I live in AC year round. Why do I go to the Pier? Apple store to fix my iPhone. After many stores failed, we got 11 bars on the site. Who needs 11 bars? You can stand at any slot machine and get drinks free. Those mommies pushing baby carriages are not going to visit 11 bars. Give the area what the area needs. Retail that we can afford and that can withstand the drop in population in the winter.

  3. Should have kept Ocean One. AC is not Rodeo Drive. Only solution now is to extend the outlets there. Otherwise tear it down.

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