Blocking Business in Brigantine. Soul-Berri by TV Foodie Star.

Blocking Nicole Gaffney’s Biz in Brigantine.

Atlantic City can learn from it’s neighbor across the inlet. Does Brigantine City Council welcome any entrepreneur looking to set up shop? Nope. Even though the Jersey Shore island just north of Atlantic City is full of empty, vacant retail properties.

Brigantine recently placed frivolous roadblocks…and tried to hold back a FOOD TV star’s plans for opening up a smoothie shack.

NOTE: Brigantine recently chased off Golf Management pro / football star; Ron Jaworski, who had great interest in running the money-losing Links at Brigantine Golf.

Nicole Gaffney‘s SOUL BERRI was finally approved this week. Not by Brigantine’s City Council…but by the Planning Board of Brigantine, which is run by a different set of decision makers. This group consists of independent minded, civic leaders that really shined in a non-partisan, economically smart way.


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