Boardwalk Meeting Highlights JULY 8, 2015

Video screens along the boardwalk were just one of the topics discussed at the July 8 boardwalk committee meeting. It’s been noted that the City may still not have timely access to using those screens to share vital information. Atlantic City gets only 9 minutes (15%) of screen time out of every hour. The rest goes to Nexomedia for re-sale purposes.

Commander Tom Gilbert will soon meet with Nexomedia to discuss putting bike hours, etc., on the LED / TV screens along boardwalk.

Impactivate at Recent PR Council Luncheon

In 2014, the CRDA (Casino Reinvestment provided a $12.8 million loan to fund the Boardwalk Display Project. The Impactivate Network, (recently featured by PR Council of Greater Atlantic City) provided the other $20.8 million. Atlantic City will be repaid with revenues generated by advertising and sponsorships. It’s unknown what type of demand for that advertising inventory is at this time.

Visitors have noticed fair amount of out-of-date information still being displayed on the screens. Technical issues still being worked out that would allow city to update/maintain their 9 minutes of screen time.

The Atlantic County Improvement Authority, also known as ACIA, played a leading role in doing this deal. The original plan was to use the LED Boardwalk screens to promote concerts and items of local interest. Currently, general TV style commercials, promotions for Action News, and some local concert ads seem to dominate. Screens also rotate ADVERTISE HERE images on regular basis.

These video displays posts do double…even triple duty. They also serve as charging stations for smartphones, they pump out free Wi-Fi internet access, and they’ll eventually be used as overhead security camera platforms.

‘Step Aside or Enjoy a Ride’ That’s what you’ll hear if your in the way of one of the electric boardwalk trams. The phrase was developed by a Ventnor woman who won $1,000 for the effort. Tim Boland, owner of B&B Parking was happy to announce the alternative to ‘Watch the Tram Car Please’….and we love it.

B&B Parking pays city $10,000 per month to provide the service. City receives portion of the revenue. B&B would like to add more & longer vehicles. In order to defray costs, B&B would like to place small AD displays on top of their vehicles, but City Council would need to approve that no-brainer decision. ‘Boardwalk Buggy’ is being used more often as a way to describe these popular people movers.

Bungalow’s Booming Bass on Beach = Bad Neighbor

The very popular Bungalow Beach Bar hooked up a generator this past weekend in order to entertainment 2 miles of Boardwalk. Music was great, and we love the concept. But the Bungalow wins our ‘Bad Neighbor’ award this week. Their 2 day DJ concert drowned out the mood music in front of Tropicana…2 blocks away. Bungalow DJ’s reportedly also rattling windows at the Ritz Hotel next door.

Bally’s Beach Bar came in 2nd place with their recent x-rated musical selections that could be easily heard by passing families on the boardwalk.

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