Boardwalk Committee Meeting Notes from May 9, 2018

Here are some edited, Atlantic City Boardwalk Committee Meeting notes from May 9, 2018.

Major concern: Social Services and Needle Exchange Program. Tennessee Ave. Bad perception problem for the city. Needs to be addressed and remedied.

The PILOT issue was resolved for the County taxpayers. [Atlantic City taxpayers will need to cover their PILOT shortfall somehow]

Completion of 2nd phase of Atlantic City Inlet Boardwalk.

  • Official May 25th opening.
  • Back bay drainage system supposed to be operational by June.
  • Why does new Inlet Boardwalk come to a dead end at the Flagship Resort? Why is there no entry/exit ramp there?
  • Isn’t the Tourism District responsible for it? Isn’t it an emergency situation since it could be dangerous?
  • Tom will contact City Engineer and CRDA. It was suggested to attend CRDA’s May 15 meeting to get  some answers about that [odd] Boardwalk dead-end issue.

As for the drainage system, all hardware is completed and computer installation at Rhode Island should be finished soon.

Q: What are the chillers in front of Caesar’s? A: They are replacements for equipment that will supply AC Hospital, etc., that will be eliminated when Trump Plaza Tower is torn down.

Dale Finch – Director of Licensing and Inspections for Atlantic City

A City Ordinance that was going to address issues dealing with parking, noise, trash and weekend rentals with Air BnB’s has not been moved forward. It was discussed with the state monitor and was put on hold.

  • Owner’s must register as a seasonal renter. Cost is $300. Fees need to be raised. A new ordinance is required to address problems.
  • The city can assist with parking and noise to some degree.
  • Police Chief White is supposedly moving forward in certifying police officers to measure noise, but calls are prioritized and noise is at the bottom of the list.
  • Committee was reminded that we have 2 types of noise issues, rowdiness from AirBnB’s, and sustained noise from beach bars and the very loud speakers in front of casinos.

Dog Beach –  An area has been identified by residents near McClinton Waterfront Park at Melrose. There are no lifeguards and steps would need to be added to allow this to happen. Dale Finch will look into this. The 1st Ward Councilman needs to be notified. An ordinance would need to be introduced to City Council.

Bonfires on the beach – a dead issue for now

Demolition- 48 properties are scheduled for demolition this summer. Money is coming from CRDA, Community Development Fund and foreclosures.

Empty Shops on Boardwalk near Boardwalk Hall –  Litigation still going on about Boardwalk repairs. The ledge and boardwalk still need to be fixed. Maybe if there was a renter Boardwalk would get repaired; otherwise, there doesn’t seem to be an urgency to repair.

Jim Johnson- Special Counsel to Governor Murphy /AC Transition


  • Murphy/Oliver/Johnson –  more of a partnership than a state takeover
  • Process- to sit down and listen to people/residents, organizations and groups of Atlantic City
  • Do we have the right mission?
  • Future is the main issue. 10,000 children. 30% live below poverty line.
  • AC one of hardest hit areas in foreclosure and evictions.
  • Planning and land use issues to be resolved. Disposal of CRDA properties need to be considered.
  • Significant Public Health Issues. Regional & local strategies needed.
  • Law Enforcement needs to be discussed and looked into.
  • Jobs…Jobs…Jobs for locals
  • AC needs to fulfill its potential
  • Goal is to reverse tax exempt properties.(CRDA)
  • More shared services needed.(City, CRDA, County)

Question: Why didn’t NJ State back the SAFER Grant? A: Economically not beneficial to AC in long run. It only really took care of first year. Quality of apparatus/equipment needs to be addressed. Doesn’t matter how many fireman we have if we have leaking/non-working equipment.

A request to the Governor was made to try and attract new businesses, to try and bring more affordable housing to Atlantic City and improvements  need to be made to our International airports to bring more airlines and  people to Atlantic City.

A question was raised about Beach Bars in front of their condos. Yes, we’re a tourist area. But taxpaying residents deserve quality living conditions and beaches. The Beach Bar near Ocean Club has a 5 year lease. Noise levels late at night has been an ongoing issue. The Ritz Condo has the same issue.

P.S.  Atlantic City’s next Planning and Development Meeting is Wednesday, May 23, at 12 noon in the AC Council Chamber.

Please Note:  The next meeting will be held Wednesday, June 13, 2019 at 9:30 A.M. in Boardwalk Hall Room 150

Sherrie Kendall
Vice Chair Boardwalk Committee/Liaison

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