Boardwalk Committee Meeting. October 10, 2018

Notes from the Atlantic City Boardwalk Committee Meeting of October 10. 

Noise on the Atlantic City Boardwalk

Impactivate Networks (Boardwalk TV system) is willing to work with and cooperate any way they can. The controls for the tv’s are housed on the 2nd floor in Boardwalk Hall. There are 5 zones that can be regulated. Sound can not be turned off completely, but the level of the volume can be monitored.

Impactivate sends the city a monthly check from advertisements. The original intent was to provide Public Service. They have a partnership with ACPD & can over ride the system in case of an emergency.

The Ritz wanted to know if all the tv’s in front of the condo can be turned off completely or at least at night so people can sleep? Matt will meet with Ritz and anyone on the boardwalk to try and adjust the volume.
Can audio be included for Public Service announcements such as the bicycle hours, do not feed the seagulls, no panhandling etc.?

Caesar’s Entertainment/Bally’s were able to mute their speakers for the National Anthem. (9-9:40) They have lowered their advertising.  Levels can be adjusted throughout the day. Will they turned off audio from 6AM-10AM?

ACPD suggested that volumes should be adjusted during different times and season.

Advertisers should be told upfront what they are getting. Are there grandfather clauses in the original contracts ? Are there quality of life issues considered in contracts?

This again brought up contract issues…. the city, ACIA and or CRDA? There should be a copy of the original contract in the City Clerk’s office But no. The City Clerk does not have a copy of the original contract and that the solicitor’s office and/or CRDA should be contacted.

Atlantic City Beach front / Beach block crime.

A resident/investor in the Texas, Bellevue, Florida, Georgia Avenue area asked how things were going? He said it is up and down. More police are needed. Pacific Avenue is worse. Vice Unit is working with the residents. Unfortunately, this area is not the city’s only problem.

Some headway is being made in addressing the Needle Exchange Program, panhandlers, drugs, shelters, soup kitchen. Manpower is just one component. 250 employees in ACPD.

Atlantic City is a magnet for homeless people.

Other venues take advantage of AC’s services and bus homeless to AC. It is an uphill battle with the number of homeless people we have coming to the city. The #1 goal is to get them back to where they belong. Homeless are sent out of the shelters during the day so they are hanging around the city.

AC has a major social services problem that needs a creative solution.

Dale Finch/Director of Licensing and Inspections

There are 46-48 Rooming Houses throughout the city.  Some are good and some are bad. The city is working with the CRDA to buy out 12 rooming houses that have constant problems.

Abandoned properties are a problem. They are boarded up. Squatters are chased out, but they come back.

Tennessee ave atlantic city

60 dwellings will hopefully be demolished throughout the city. It is a process that could take up to 6-8 months. 2620 Pacific Avenue has taken 2 /12 years.

ACPD is very cooperative and works hand and hand with the department. We are very diligent with the 303 merchants on the Boardwalk, 250 merchants on Atlantic Avenue and 97 convenient stores.

Are you ever impeded by DCA or any other state agency? Right now we are working with CRDA. It’s easier to address problems with hotels. Rooming house people need to be relocated and a cause defect lien is put on the property. CRDA has committed funds to clean up rooming houses in the city.

Tim Boland / Boardwalk Trams

Tim was asked if he feels the trams have had an impact on the conditions of the boardwalk? He feels they do not. There are also other vehicles that go on the boardwalk without proper permits that could contribute. Trash trucks, police vehicles, snow removal equipment, and the weather could all be contributing factors to the damage too. The Boardwalk from Albany Avenue to the AC Club is deteriorated. The trams just started a route down there so they are not the cause there.