Bungalow Park Neighbors Battle Increase of Atlantic City Crime and Flooding

The President of the Bungalow Park Civic Association in Atlantic City shared the following updates today.

The summer’s been very busy in Bungalow Park. Not always in a good way.

We’re fighting an increase of crime on every block of Bungalow Park, Atlantic City.

A serious lack of communication too. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

Our best weapon is constant communication. Talking to each other is vitally important. Show up at BPCA meetings. Get your voice heard. Get involved. Use ‘Tip411’ to report suspicious activity without fear of repercussion. If you witness criminal activity, please call 911 immediately.

The Town Watch Text group is an active tool that keeps many of us instantly aware of suspicious happenings.

ACPD will attend the next BPCA meeting. Thurs., Sept. 13, 2018. 6:30p. Davenport Center at 600 N. New Jersey Ave.

Learn how to assist law enforcement with fighting the rise of serious crime like shootings, property theft & violations, drug sales & use, unwanted visitors in the neighborhood. Sadly, this also occurs in every district of Atlantic City. Together, we can save Bungalow Park. Let’s take back our neighborhood.

Atlantic City Pumping Station Now Operational.

The pumping station at Melrose and Rhode Island is now operational, and there has been a noticeable decrease in flooding. AC Director of Public Works, Paul Jerkins, may attend the September BPCA meeting to provide further details about the pumping station.

Tom Forkin Bungalow Park
Tom Forkin
Comment from Tom Forkin:

Yeah, that 10 Million+ that the City / State spent (wasted) on that new / old drainage system sure is working?!????? I wonder who’s brother / cousin got that contract? WHAT kind of idiot would spend 10+ Million on a new drainage system without securing bulk heads? State and City fools taking our tax money and pissing it away, or in this case, pumping it into the bay so it can run right back into the streets.

Let’s keep electing the same ass-clowns. It’s sickening that nothing has been done, especially prior to the funds being wasted on the pumping station. The Bulkheading should have been put in FIRST. Doesn’t make much sense to pump water back into the bay when it runs over the broken bulkheads.

Code Violation Properties. A list of properties in the Bungalow Park Atlantic City neighborhood.

Code violations such as high grass, etc. was sent to Licensing and Inspections Director Dale Finch. His office sent out inspectors and, L&I contacted property owners regarding these code violations. Owners are given an opportunity to address the issues. If no action is taken, the city sends a public works crew to handle each property.

Bungalow Park Atlantic City Neighborhood Alerts

  • Be vigilant! Home & car break-ins have been reported. Keep homes & cars locked. Join the BPCA Town Watch text group to share alerts with neighbors, & stay updated.
  • Drug abuse, & related criminal activity, has spread ALL over Bungalow Park. If you see something, say something!
  • Residents are advised to use ‘Tip411.’ If law enforcement is not responding adequately, escalate concerns to the Chief of Police. To get action, we must be the ‘squeaky wheel.’
  • Be careful! Raccoons have been spotted in the area.

Next BPCA meeting is Thursday, September 13, 2018, at 6:30p at the Davenport Center

Neighbor Comments:

RP: We’ve been here since 1985. This, by far, the worst it has been. Sad

SL: I contacted Mayor’s office to express concern regarding increased criminal activity in our Bungalow Park neighborhood. A suggestion from Mayor Gilliam’s office: invite officer to meeting. I also complained about the flooding. I’ve done this occasionally for last several years.

AC: Town watch? We pay city and police for that. We need a police car back here more often.

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