Callaway Calls NJ Governor Murphy Vicious Liar, Racist.

AC City Council 2.19.2020

New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy, is a vicious liar and a vicious racist. So said activist Craig Callaway during the Feb 19 Atlantic City Council meeting. The former Council President also called out Mayor Marty Small for interfering with appointments.

Callaway not happy that two Muslim women have yet to be placed on the MUA (AC Water Company) board. Callaway placing much of the blame on NJ Lt Governor, Sheila Oliver.

Racially profiled… because they had a hijab on. Where did this all start? The Mayor of Atlantic City. Marty Small. So says Callaway, who said this happened under the watch of an African American woman (Sheila Oliver) who let vile racism take place.

Callaway: Mayor Small told DCA’s Rob Long that ‘these two Muslim women were not good women. Not a good fit.’

Small was also accused of playing dirty tricks with 2nd Ward Councilwoman LaToya Dunston.

Callaway says Small made moves to thwart appointment of two Muslim women to the MUA board, who were OKed by Council back in January 2020 to become board members of the MUA, aka the Atlantic City Water Company.

Callaway claims Marty Small was doing a favor for his lawyer, Joe Jacobs. ‘It’s about contracts’, says Callaway.

‘Because Jacobs hangs his law license on people who get contracts with the MUA, the board was going to change and he was going to lose his spot at the trough. So he called on his people to exclude and to racially profile.’

Standing in for DCA’s Rob Long during the council meeting was Kim Holmes, the assistant commissioner of DCA. She says Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver was still reviewing the matter.

Callaway: Shame on Sheila Oliver for not stopping this. There’s only one thing that’s worse than racism and discrimination ….. is when African Americans are the perpetrators. African Americans who think they are elite.

Callaway: Damn Phil Murphy, Damn Sheila Oliver.


  1. Tension is mounting to extreme levels and the claws are extruding from the paws. Now what is starting to happen- The Race Card. I have seen this all too often. Could we please avoid this behavior?? I am not looking for increased violence in this town- and that is what is going to happen next!

  2. I don’t understand for the life of me why these meetings are even held any more. NOT ONE individual sitting up on the dais has any authority or power to make any decision to effect the quality of life or change in Atlantic City. ALL OF THE AUTHORITY rests with the State Monitor. NOTHING GETS DONE WITHOUT the states approval, so why do we have these three ring circus meetings? What purpose do they serve other than to allow people to approach the mic, have three minutes to air frustrations to a group of “elected officials” that can do absolutely nothing about their concerns.
    The only difference from this form of government, and the proposed one, is that there will be VERY LITTLE compensation for the ones that replace these council-people. There in rests the problem. If there is little or no compensation, no benefits, no pensions, very little pay, no city car, no city phone will any of the people currently sitting on the dais want to be sitting there if that happens on March 31st? I THINK NOT!
    Now why is Mr. Callaway against the change of Government? You need only follow the money. Think about it, there is NO LOVE LOST between Callaway and Small, yet Callaway wants to keep Small in office and not support the change of Government that would essentially eliminate his position? Maybe it is because he controls the votes of 5 puppets that current sit on the dais?

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