Callaway Dumps Mazzeo, Prefers Langford Over Small, Exploits Election Law Loopholes.

Vince Mazzeo

Craig Callaway legally exploits so-called low information voters in Atlantic City.

Bear in mind, he only does that for those who pay him enough. And for those that keep their promises.

Seems like Vince Mazzeo and John Armato forgot about commitments made to the Callaway political machine.

Black community was taken advantage of again, by Democrat Chairman Sulimon and #TeamMazzeo. But no more.

Both Mazzeo and Small are currently on Craig Callaway’s shit list.

Listen to Craig Callaway on Hurley WPG Radio. 2.3.21.

WPG RADIO 2.3.21

Have enough financial resources? You too can hire the Callaway Ballot Harvesting machine.

Even Frank Gilliam, convicted of stealing from a local sports league, was able to become mayor with the support of Craig Callaway.

Callaway could get a ham sandwich elected. As long as you pay him enough.

Boardwalk Insider

Callaway, a former Atlantic City Council president, spent 42 months behind bars.

Craig Callaway took $36,000 in bribes in August 2006. Calloway also helped organize a blackmail scheme against fellow Councilman Gene Robinson. Plan involved videotaping sexual encounter between Robinson and a prostitute.

The Callaway brothers, Atlantic City Councilman John Schultz and former Atlantic City employee Floyd Tally were indicted in August 2007 for the scheme to force Robinson out of office.

Craig Calloway: Joe Jacobs is not a nice person. Mayor Marty Small needs to sever ties with him. Jacobs has his hands around Atlantic City’s throat. Politically raped by influence of Joe Jacobs. (WPG Radio 2.3.2021)

Team Small

Republicans need a crusade, not just an election campaign.

Seth Grossman

The South Jersey GOP needs to be highly mobilized. Otherwise, expect to see more voter suppression against those who vote for Republicans. Voter roles need to be cleaned. Especially in Atlantic County.

With NJ predicted to accelerate vote-by-mail efforts, experts feel voter fraud could accelerate in the Garden State.

Example: In Patterson NJ: 22% of ballots were deemed fraudulent and were thrown out.

Atlantic County Democrat leader Michael Sulimon is not well liked by those in his own party. Especially the Atlantic City Democrat Club.

They don’t trust Sulimon, but why do they keep voting for candidates like Vince Mazzeo who does very little to help people of color?

Callaways Lost Trust in Sulimon.

Marty Small: threatened by potential Lorenzo Langford Mayoral campaign in Atlantic City.

Small currently dealing with ugly accusations against his wife, ACHS principal, LaQuetta Small. See more: Student Sex Abuse Scandal in Atlantic City.

Callaway: Mazzeo and Armato have not worked in best interest of South Jersey. They have not said ‘thank you’ to the Democratic party. (WPG Radio 2.3.2021)

At this point in time, Mazzeo and Armato are vulnerable. That’s just one reason why AC Councilman Jesse Kurtz recently announced his run for NJ Assembly.

Learn more at Kurtz for NJ

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