Callaway Election Tactics Legal, Really Bad For Atlantic City Residents

Dude is bad news.

Need to win an election in AC and/or South Jersey? Better call Craig Callaway. Make sure to place your order early, and stroke a big check for Craig. He’s the man that magically delivers thousand of votes… that all lean the same way. No matter how good or bad of a candidate you are.

Craig Callaway: ex-con who legally exploits current election law in Atlantic City and South Jersey. He’s really good at it, too. Puts big bucks into his pockets….and shitty politicians into office.

Listen to clips from WPG Radio, Harry Hurley & Craig Callaway:

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Craig Callaway: the man who brought you AC Mayor Frank Gilliam. Yup. The same Frank Gilliam recently forced from office and facing jail time for stealing money from a youth sports league.

Callaway on Gilliam: “I regret that I didn’t do more homework on Frank Gilliam.”

Craig Callaway is a poor judge of character.

Hassan Callaway

HASSAN CALLAWAY was good choice for Pleasantville school board? He missed half the meetings. Craig Callaway is uncle of Hassan Callaway and P-ville school board president, Carla Thomas. Read more in Press of AC

Callaway is a political mercenary, primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics. Got the cash? Craig delivers the votes. No matter how unqualified or dangerous you are.

They ask us, who’s looking out for our best interest? Two years go, Callaway recommended Frank Gilliam.

Recently, Callaway brought thousands of additional ballots, propelling incumbents Vince Mazzeo & John Armato past controversial Republican challenger Phil ‘Greenhead’ Guenther, along with his running mate, John Risley.

Hurley & Callaway

The Callaway Machine. Callaway often referred to as power broker, political genius, or some kind of respectable pontificator of politics. Callaway is none of that.

Callaway is eerily equipped to deliver votes that all lean the same way.

Callaway’s GET OUT THE VOTE efforts. A ride to the polls and $30 bucks gets almost anyone elected. NO matter how poor a candidate. Yup, Callaway can be legally bought. By extension, so can Atlantic City voters, it seems.

Craig Callaway. Mercenary extraordinaire. Running a sweet, legal scam on Atlantic City taxpayers.

CALLAWAY FUN FACTS. (from FBI and an Ordinary Guy)

Craig Callaway, a former Atlantic City Council president. Served 3 ½ years behind bars. Bribery and blackmail.

In 2007, Atlantic City Council President Craig Callaway, Ronald Callaway a. k. a. Jihad Abdullah and David Callaway were charged in a political blackmail scheme.

They were accused of orchestrating a blackmail scenario and then conducting secret electronic surveillance and filming of Eugene Robinson, an Atlantic City councilman and local minister, as Robinson supposedly engaged and paid a prostitute for a sex act.

Ron Calloway was sentenced to prison for voter fraud in 2002. Convicted for blackmail attempt.

Floyd Tally was among fifteen other people, including David Callaway and Atlantic City Councilman Marty Small, who were indicted for allegedly conspiring to disenfranchise voters and assisting Small to defeat Lorenzo Langford at the polls in Atlantic City’s mayoral primary.

The scheme apparently consisted of arranging to have absentee ballots cast without absentee voters signing the ballots. The ballots were later steamed open during an “autograph party” where campaign workers signed and resealed them to be counted.

Marty Small was once indicted on voter fraud charges, but not convicted.

AC Mayor Marty Small; Emotionally Unstable.

Former Atlantic City Council president Craig Callaway spent almost 3 years in Southwoods State Prison. Callaway admitted taking $36,000 in bribes in August 2006.

In 2008, Callaway admitted to organizing a blackmail scheme against a fellow, AC councilman, Gene Robinson. Robinson videotaped with prostitute at a hotel. Callaway’s brothers, Ron and David were convicted. Floyd Tally was also convicted.

Read more in Press of Atlantic City

Craig Callaway 40-month Jail Term. Pleading Guilty Aug. 2006 Federal Bribery Charges.


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