Callaway: Gilliam Team Threatens, Plays Race Card in Defense of $10k Check

Jeff Fauntleroy Gilliam
Mayor Frank, Gov. Phil & Councilman Fauntleroy

LISTEN TO AUDIO & Read Show Notes: Election consultant, Craig Callaway, says Team Gilliam is playing the race card, but it’s not about black and white. Frank and his people are the perpetrators says Callaway. Laws were broken.

Law enforcement is involved. They intercepted the check. Some are drinking the kool-aid of bad people.

  • AD HOC committee will explore the ‘elect’ report & process
  • TD Bank
  • Law Enforcement
  • More than one donation check mishandled? Maybe.

Listen to Callaway on Harry Hurley Radio Show FEB 6, 2018:

Callaway: Suliman told the truth. Initially wanted it to go away. He had to come forth to defend against accusations from Gilliam.

Hurley: They intended to take and deposit the check, to only benefit Gilliam campaign.

Hurley asked: Did Fauntleroy threaten the Atlantic County Democrats Treasurer Stephen Dicht? Yes, says Callaway. Torres Mayfield too.

There was a vote that just missed. Gilliam has power to influence the vote? Former AC Councilman Steve Moore actually showed up, which was not expected.

Callaway: switched votes. A public works employee was part of the vote, allegedly threatened, and scared of losing their job.

Callaway: TD bank is important part of this investigation? Federal laws broken?

$10k was GOTV, Get Out The Vote money. Hurt Thelma Witherspoon campaign.