Callaway Warns Atlantic City Democrats, Senator Brown, Assemblyman Mazzeo

Callaway fires off warning to NJ Gov Murphy, Vince Mazzeo, John Armato, Senator Chris Brown.

They need us to be victorious. We must hold them accountable. Where we can make a difference… is the General Assembly.

If you don’t support us…we don’t support you

Assemblyman….we may not be able to take our Governor down…..but we can take you down.

Blind love & allegiance to our party. That is so stupid.

Callaway: You get our support, then you walk away.

Callaway: Gov Murphy put Lt Gov Sheila Oliver in charge of this quasi-chocolate city.


Don’t BS the people. They believe there’s no consequences.

Don’t be so in love with Democrats. Don’t let them hurt you.

No one gets a free pass to deceive us. Don’t care about skin color or political party. Your allegiance is to us. They think there is no consequences.

Callaway: Blind allegiance to Democrats is NOT in our best interest.

Callaway: Democrat party has not been friends of City of Atlantic City… for a long time.

Where’s NJ Governor Murphy? He talks a good game.

We’ve been loyal to them. We must hold them accountable.

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