Can Dorsey Be Trusted as 6th Ward Councilman in Atlantic City?

Geoff Dorsey & AC Mayor Marty Small.

Another election season underway in Atlantic City with the upcoming primary featuring Mayor Marty Small loyalist, Geoff Dorsey.

Dorsey, a candidate for the 6th ward in Atlantic City, recently faced domestic charges of simple assault and purposefully/knowingly causing bodily injury. But that’s not all.

Geoff Dorsey is a convicted felon.

Guilty of receiving stolen property. His rap sheet is almost as long as controversial AC Mayor, Marty Small.

Dorsey is closely aligned with Small.

Geoff Dorsey Guilty Felony

Geoff Dorsey FACT CHECK.

Dorsey is a Commissioner and Treasurer of the dysfunctional and dangerous, Atlantic City Housing Authority.

6th ward candidate Geoff Dorsey still has open warrants against him.

Dorsey sued for $700k in damages.

See listing of documented incidents in the criminal justice system:

Dorsey may have made off with a client’s Hurricane Sandy funds needed to rebuild her home. The elderly woman died before getting back into her home or recovering any money from Dorsey. 

The victim’s grand daughter references the incident on Facebook:

Geoff Dorsey Atlantic City