Can Guardian Eek Out Another Term as Atlantic City Mayor?

Almost four years ago, Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian won by the slimmest of margins. ‘Guardian should have never become Mayor of Atlantic City’ quipped a group gathered to watch a recent candidates forum.

So how did a gay, white, Republican with a background in city clean-ups and the Boy Scouts get elected in a town that’s primarily non-white and Democrat? Most think the affable, bow-tied 60-something  simply took advantage of a smart, but likely over-confidant incumbent by the name of Lorenzo Langford.

Watch Atlantic City Candidate Forum from May 18, 2017 >

Will Don Guardian get another term as Atlantic City Mayor? Maybe, but he’ll have to overcome a collection of candidates that gives Guardian a failing grade of F.

The June primary will determine who’ll go up against Mayor Don Guardian this November: Councilman Frank Gilliam, Marty Small, the City Council President, Fareed Abdullah or Navy veteran, Jimmy Whitehead.

To win, Guardian will need to convince & reassure angry Atlantic City residents, punch drunk from myriad State, County, CRDA and Mayoral meddling. If Don can’t pull this off, Atlantic City voters will take out their frustrations this November, much of it aimed at Guardian.

Massive tax hikes, harmful casino PILOT , foreclosures, MUA shell games, crime, job loss and the deterioration of the middle class in Atlantic City. Welcome to Don Guardian’s world.

Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian will need to defend against a pile of screw-ups to get four more years. One of those mis-steps is his status as a pariah among his GOP party leaders who are openly disdainful of the man, mainly for flip-flopping on verbal and written agreements. (ex: payments to Atlantic County)

Guardian has never really acted as a fiscal conservative, nor did he support much of his party’s game plan. Neither does Congressman Frank LoBiondo, but that’s another story for another day

Topics discussed during recent candidate debates:

  • Don Guardian skateboarding photo-ops
  • MUA and Bader Field shell game
  • Don let the state take-over
  • Mr. Guardian has no connection to the community, coward, lies.
  • Allowed questionable privatization that affected local jobs.
  • Guardian failed to support black capitalism & minority business enterprises

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  1. Guardian has failed his own party on so many levels, but that helps us Dems. Even the County Executive who is a member of his party has said publicly Guardian never tells the truth about anything, but he will tell you what you want to hear about everything lol!

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