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Postcard Joey Polillo Un-filtered; Atlantic City Now and Then

Mr. Joseph Polillo…  this guy BLEEDS Atlantic City. Also known as POST CARD JOEY Polillo. Using super-human powers, he forced his way onto The Mel Taylor WPG 1450 Talk Radio Show on Jan 8, 2016. Click to listen. Polillo was employed by Atlantic City for 30 years, working as Chief Licence Inspector. Needless to say,…

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ACprimetime News Update. King Arthur Podcast 2.10.18

Show notes from ACprimetime news update. King Arthur Radio Show and Podcast. WIBG. 1020am. Feb 10, 2018. Gilliams Island parody. Gilliam in Vegas to study weed. Atlantic City Crime. Recent stabbing on Tennessee Ave. 10K Frank. Kudos to AC Mayor Frank Gilliam. On Monday night at the IRISH PUB, Gilliam entered the lions cage and…

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PODCAST: AC Democrats Question $10,000 Check in Mayor Gilliam’s Bank Account

The Atlantic City Democratic Committee under the leadership of Joyce Mollineaux, is in turmoil over a missing $10,000 check. Seems like the check ended up in Frank Gilliam’s bank account, instead of the Atlantic City Democratic Committee . Questions remain: How did Gilliam allegedly get a $10,000 check meant for the Atlantic City Democratic committee? Why…

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Oops. Stockton Forgets to Display Flag at Veterans Day Concert

Did Stockton University simply forget to display the American Flag during it’s recent Veteran Days concert? Or was the Red, White and Blue purposefully ‘forgotten’ by some young pranksters with a political agenda? Radio talks shows were buzzing about this unfortunate flag oversight. The controversy started at the Bay Atlantic Symphony Veterans Day concert on…

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Atlantic City Welcomes Those Recently Released From Prison

The City Council of Atlantic City passed an ordinance on Wed Nov 15, that some say would just make it easier for ex-cons to live inside the Atlantic City Tourism District. Passed easily by 8-1 vote, the ordinance would remove barriers to stable housing and would promote successful reintegration of formerly incarcerated and criminally convicted…

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Atlantic City Elections Audio 2017. Media Manipulation.

Release that audio! Atlantic City Councilman George Tibbitt wants the Harry Hurley Radio show to post a recent show featuring the infamous Craig Callaway interview. Is Hurley Radio producer, Chris Coleman, manipulating the media? Pay for play & promotion. Small market radio stations are notorious for cheap access to the airwaves. Political candidates can buy…

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Did Mayor Guardian Use Callaway Election Services in Atlantic City? Voter Fraud?

Did Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian ever engage the controversial ‘voter’ services of those infamous Callaway boys? Guardian says no. Others say yes. Is there voter fraud in Atlantic City? Who’s paying for the so-called Callaway ‘service’? Press of Atlantic City: So far for this election, the Clerk’s Office says there have been more than…

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Media Manipulation of Mayoral Race. Bias of Atlantic City Radio and Newspaper

Listen to the podcast: Having favorable local radio and newspaper coverage can really come in handy. Just ask Atlantic City Mayor, Don Guardian. Listen to clips from WIBG King Arthur Radio…and Harry Hurley Radio. The Mayor’s seat on the local Planning Board is a powerful position to hold. Especially in regard to the Flagship Resort….

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Biased Media, Fake News. WOND Radio Debate Between Senator Bell & Assemblyman Brown

Listen to the ACprimetime podcast. Back on OCT. 16, 2017, there was a debate between NJ State Senator Colin Bell and Assemblyman Chris Brown. It was held on WOND Radio, a small AM station in the Atlantic City area. Coincidentally… a struggling radio station that’s up for sale. Both candidates want your vote to be a NJ…