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Unfair AirBnB Rental Ban Hurts 900 Atlantic City Property Owners

As per request from Atlantic City Mayor Small and Council President Tibbitt, websites like AirBnB are now blocking all short-term rentals in Atlantic City. Until further notice. You can’t even book a place for New Years Eve 2021. WTF. But wait, there’s more. All local, Jersey Shore real estate websites are still up and running….

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Roger Gros: Take Chance on Atlantic City Government Change?

Roger Gros of Casino Connection posted his thoughts on the upcoming, change of government ballot question in Atlantic City. A major YES vote could change the form of Atlantic City government on March 31. If passed, the ward system would go away. Five council members would be elected ‘at large’… and would represent entire city….

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Lax Enforcement of Air BnB & Short-Term Rentals in Atlantic City

Council members Latoya Dunston and Jesse Kurtz grappling with this fast growing phenomenon. Both pushing for a solution to this burgeoning industry. One that’s diversifying the economy of Atlantic City. One that’s introducing new challenges to overcome. Risk and reward of Air BnB & Short-Term Rentals in Atlantic City. Web-based apps like AirBnB & VRBO:…

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How Landgraf and CRDA Play Dirty With Some Atlantic City Developers

This is not the first time ACprimetime received reports of CRDA Zoning Czar, Lance Landgraf, using bully tactics against small investors in Atlantic City. Watch video > In the video above, developer Sean Reardon addresses the CRDA board. He explains to CRDA board members that he’s being unfairly fined for his vacant lot in the…

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Why Are Businesses Struggling and Leaving Atlantic City?

Why are businesses like Apple and KFC leaving Atlantic City? That’s what developer/investor Sean Reardon wants to know. On Oc t 25, 2018, Reardon addressed Atlantic City Council about this issue. Why couldn’t the city keep Apple and 32 other national retailers at the Pier Shops in Caesars, currently known as the Playground, owned by…

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Atlantic City Council Reminds City, They Still Have No Power Over Anything.

The last remaining controls that council had over Atlantic City, are no more. City totally taken over by the State of New Jersey. Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Deputy Commissioner Rob Long informed Council President Marty Small that the state would be assuming 100% full authority under the Municipal Recovery and Stabilization Act of 2016….

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Atlantic City Council Pleads To CRDA, Please Protect Renaissance Plaza Shoppers

Atlantic City Councilman Kaleem Shabazz wants the CRDA to help protect citizens while shopping at Renaissance Plaza, a few blocks from City Hall. Shabazz will try to accomplish that by presenting a resolution at the Sept 26. Atlantic City council meeting. Editors Note: Shabazz and other councilmen, including all citizens, should attend the monthly CRDA meetings….

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Small & CRDA: Atlantic City is Ex-Offender Dumping Ground. No Kidding.

Some notes & video from the Aug 13, 2018, City Council meeting in Atlantic City. Council President Marty Small meets with CRDA / Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, on a regular basis. Mr. Small reports the CRDA might buy 5 rooming (half-way) houses, and convert them into low-income housing. Needle exchanges and Tourism District social service…