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Ugly Truth: Atlantic City Still Dark, Dangerous and Devoid of Self-Awareness

There were 36 Drug & Alcohol violations reported in Atlantic City over the past 28 days. According to A deep cancer underlying city wide drug problem. A walk or ride thru the AC Tourism District, especially on Pacific Ave, is a nightmare. Especially at night. Lack of adequate lighting, makes the crime problem much worse. I…

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Atlantic City Council Pleads To CRDA, Please Protect Renaissance Plaza Shoppers

Atlantic City Councilman Kaleem Shabazz wants the CRDA to help protect citizens while shopping at Renaissance Plaza, a few blocks from City Hall. Shabazz will try to accomplish that by presenting a resolution at the Sept 26. Atlantic City council meeting. Editors Note: Shabazz and other councilmen, including all citizens, should attend the monthly CRDA meetings….

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Bungalow Park Neighbors Battle Increase of Atlantic City Crime and Flooding

The President of the Bungalow Park Civic Association in Atlantic City shared the following updates today. The summer’s been very busy in Bungalow Park. Not always in a good way. We’re fighting an increase of crime on every block of Bungalow Park, Atlantic City. A serious lack of communication too. If you’re not part of the solution,…

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Tennessee & Pacific Ave Crime Still Hurting Non-Casino Business in Atlantic City

Man Arrested with Warrant and a Handgun. Beach block of Tennessee Avenue. On July 27, 2018, a man with an active warrant was arrested and found to have a loaded handgun. At 11:40 am, Detectives Ermindo Marsini, Nick Berardis, and Chris Smith of the Special Investigations Section were conducting an investigation in the beach block of…