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Campaign Post Mortem. Atlantic City Mayoral Money Trail.

Now that Atlantic City has a new Mayor, might be time to review some publicly available, financial data about the Gilliam and Guardian campaigns. Few follow this boring accounting stuff, but these ELEC docs often reveal interesting sub-plots. Stuff you’ll never read in the Press of Atlantic City. The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission…

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Ocean Club Residents Resolve to Stop Beach Give-Away & Development

Over 75 residents of the Ocean Club Condominium on the Atlantic City Boardwalk gathered on Dec. 28. Concerned residents were updated on recent efforts that could lead to major disruption of their family friendly, Chelsea neighborhood beach. Atlantic City Council was minutes away from handing beach development rights to the CRDA, who in turn, could…

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Mayor Guardian Served with $5 Million Tort Claim Notice

On the morning of December 22, 2017, outgoing Mayor of Atlantic City, Don Guardian, received a “Tort Claims Act Notice.” The document came from attorneys representing Kevin ‘Mark’ Padula, the former Atlantic City Republican Committee Chairman. Padula guided Guardian to his upset victory over former Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford. The Notice of Tort Claim…

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Don Guardian Headed to Toms River as Business Administrator

Outgoing Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian will get a sizable raise, when he becomes Toms River’s next business administrator. According to, At the recent Toms River council meeting of Dec. 26, council approved the appointment of Don Guardian as business administrator. Guardian will earn a very healthy annual salary of $175,000. The previous salary of a…

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Mayor and Council President Race to Spend Last of Controversial Atlantic City MGM Endowment Fund

So, just how much of that controversial $5mil MGM Atlantic City Endowment Fund was actually put to good use? Apparently, not much. Most of those dollars have been connected to questionable allocations. In the final minutes of his only term, Mayor Don Guardian wants one last crack at spending AC money: the MGM/AC Endowment fund’s remaining $1.32 million….

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Atlantic City Elections Audio 2017. Media Manipulation.

Release that audio! Atlantic City Councilman George Tibbitt wants the Harry Hurley Radio show to post a recent show featuring the infamous Craig Callaway interview. Is Hurley Radio producer, Chris Coleman, manipulating the media? Pay for play & promotion. Small market radio stations are notorious for cheap access to the airwaves. Political candidates can buy…

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Mayor Meltdown in Atlantic City. Ethics Called into Question on Radio Show.

LISTEN > Hurley in The Morning Radio: The question that set the Atlantic City Mayor off….. was simple but revealing. Mr. Guardian was queried about his Planning Board vote concerning the Flagship Resort. It’s a fact that the Flagship Ship Resort in Atlantic City donated 10’s of thousands of dollars to the Guardian campaign. That’s…

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Atlantic City Mayoral Meltdown. Guardian vs Padula. Are You Gay?

LISTEN to this cringe-worthy, mayoral melt-down. > Did Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian, who sits on the planning board, take campaign contributions from a local business that needed planning board approval? That’s what a caller to the Harry Hurley Radio show wanted to know on the morning of October 26. Guardian, facing the dread of…

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Heated Phone Battle Between Atlantic City Mayor & Former Party Chairman

Sparks were flying during a radio call-in show featuring AC Mayor Don Guardian and former Atlantic City Republican Party chairman, Mark Padula. Padula called into WOND Radio, as Mayor Guardian was running down his controversial list of accomplishments over the past 4 years. Mr. Padula called out Guardian over the following: Number of registered Atlantic City…

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Biased Atlantic City Mayoral Debate? Political Skew and Public Outing.

In what has become a common theme during this political season, allegations of media bias and dirty tricks were again leveled against a local Atlantic City newspaper and Radio station. WOND-AM radio and moderator Scott Cronick, an employee of the Press of Atlantic City, were the target of anger by canadiates and audience members at…