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Will Van Drew Still Support Far Left Agenda? Abortion, Open Borders, Gun Laws, Sanctuary State.

Should constitutional-liberty conservatives like Seth Grossman support our newly Republican congressman, Rep. Jeff Van Drew? According to Grossman: ‘It’s complicated. Right now, I don’t know.’ Grossman: There are many good reasons for us to oppose Van Drew. Most of those reasons were given by leading Democrats from Nancy Pelosi in Washington to state Senate President…

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Has Atlantic City Really Been Turned Around?

By Seth Grossman: Fourteen months ago, former Governor Christie made West Orange attorney Jeff Chiesa his “deputy” with extraordinary powers to run Atlantic City. So far, taxpayers paid $4 million to Chiesa’s law firm. Christie said Chiesa’s law firm “produced phenomenal results” and “turned Atlantic City around”. While most surviving casinos and their employees are doing…

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Levinson & Grossman Challenging Constitutionality of PILOT Bill

The infamous PILOT bill is finally being challenged. Liberty & Prosperity, a constitutional advocacy group lead by Seth Grossman, has teamed up with Atlantic County Exec Denny Levinson. Both sides presented arguments in front of Superior Court Judge Mendez on Nov 30. Both are convinced that the PILOT is un-constitutional. Grossman, a Somers Point attorney and former Atlantic City councilman, refers to the…

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Don’t Blame Trump for Last Tuesday’s Republican Thrashing in NJ

NJ Swamp Republicans united behind a candidate who never had a chance. Conservatives could not play Big League ball. Democrat Phil Murphy defeated Republican Kim Guadagno for Governor by 280,000 votes statewide, 6,000 votes in Atlantic County. Guadagno never had a chance. She was the hand-picked Lieutenant to the most unpopular Governor in NJ history….

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Lawsuit to Stop 9 Year Casino Tax Break at Critical State

1. The lawsuit filed by, Atlantic County Government, and six Atlantic County towns is at a critical point. Final papers are being submitted. Judge Julio Mendez will make his final decision at the end of this month. 2. Republican Governor Christie, Democratic Mayor Lorenzo Langford, and current Republican Mayor Don Guardian all caused Atlantic…

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Vote “No” on Both State Ballot Questions. Save Democracy, Not Just Money

Tuesday’s two state ballot questions are as important as any candidate. The first question would let state government to borrow another $125 million. After paying Wall Street “transaction fees” and other overhead, the money would fix up libraries in certain towns. I love libraries. However, Amazon, digital books, and the internet make brick and mortar…