Black Men United & Revolution Radio: Grass Roots Internet Podcasting

There’s a radio revolution going on….without that old school device called a ‘radio’. Podcasting, websites and email newsletters are now the fastest growing, most influential channels that provide critical news and info for the Atlantic City regional community. Crazy. Disrespectful. On the first day of Black History Month (Feb), WOND Radio 1400am decided to cancel…


How New Jersey Commercial Fishing Could Become Privatized

South Jersey fishermen are already feeling the effects of onerous, recreational fishing rules and regulation. Impossible ‘keeper’ sizes and over-development along the shoreline have decimated party boats, bait n tackle shops, and other water-based attractions. Now, commercial fishermen could soon be feeling a heavier hand of the federal government, NOAA and myriad regional fishery councils….


Former Brigantine Mayor Guenther Considered Weak Candidate for NJ Assembly Seat

Former Mayor of Brigantine, Phil Guenther wants to be a NJ Assemblyman. Opponents cite Guenther’s poor track record of fiscal management as one major hurdle he’ll have to overcome. As supervisor of ACIT, Guenther is facing accusations that he’s in conflict with his full time, school job. Much like former Congressman Frank Lobiondo, Guenther sees…

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Atlantic City Council Reminds City, They Still Have No Power Over Anything.

The last remaining controls that council had over Atlantic City, are no more. City totally taken over by the State of New Jersey. Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Deputy Commissioner Rob Long informed Council President Marty Small that the state would be assuming 100% full authority under the Municipal Recovery and Stabilization Act of 2016….

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Atlantic City Boardwalk Committee Meeting Notes from December 12, 2018

The recent Boardwalk Committee Meeting took place on December 12, 2018. Frank Formica, our favorite baker and Atlantic County Freeholder was there. AC Boardwalk Chairman, Tom Lamaine reminded the Boardwalk Committee of it mission statement. Identify, attend to, and solve issues within the Tourism District and Atlantic City area. ACPD – Deputy Chief Jerry Barnhardt and…

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Flounder Regulations and Size Limit Discussion. Summer 2019.

Recreational Fishing Update. Some show notes from the recent ‘Shep on Fishing’ Radio Show. WOND Radio. 12.15.2018 Special guest is Adam Nowalski, an advocate for recreational fishermen at the ASMFC, Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission and MAFMC, Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council. Difficult to enact so-called ‘slot limits’ … because you need both minimal & maximum size….


Showboat Taxes & Zoning. Gilliam. Straub. Blatstein. CRDA.

Some recent tweets from Jim Kennedy‏ @ACEconPolicy. Jim Kennedy is a former CRDA executive director and local economic analyst. Follow @ACEconPolicy Glenn Straub owns 70 properties in the AC Inlet, 50 of them outright. The properties came as part of the Revel acquisition. It makes him the dominant player in the Southeast Inlet development process. Most (if not all) of…