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Atlantic City Air BnB Rentals Now Getting Taxed, Realtors Still Exempt.

New Jersey is finally taxing Airbnb. Most states, including Pennsylvania and New York, already tax these kinds of short-term rentals that are transacted online. This could add 12% – 15% to the cost of an Airbnb rental. Hotels and motels already pay stuff like this. What is Airbnb? It connects homeowners who want to rent out their…

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Spineless Atlantic County GOP Leadership Facing Conservative Backlash

Talk radio is on fire. Conservative listeners are calling out Atlantic County Republican party leaders. Calling them spineless. Clueless. Giving up the 2nd Congressional district seat, effectively paving the way for a more radical, left-wing Congress. Republicans aren’t the only ones unhappy with their local leadership. Even South Jersey Democrats despise Jeff Van Drew’s recent…


Time to Investigate and Clean House at CRDA Atlantic City?

The following is a letter from Patrick Colligan, state president of the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association. Decades before casino gambling was even a thought in Atlantic City, the city developed a long storied history of graft and corruption. While organized crime festered and politicians used the city as a personal piggy bank, the city…

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Stockton No Longer Interested in Former Atlantic Club Casino on Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Thankfully, Stockton University will NOT move forward with purchasing the shuttered Atlantic Club Casino Hotel on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Hopefully, an independent developer will emerge to build something on that prime piece of beachfront property. A developer that will build something that actual pays taxes, directly to the City of Atlantic City. Stockton President…

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Media Swamp. Conservative Radio Host Hurley Supporting Liberal Candidate Van Drew.

It’s not just the political swamp in Washington DC that needs to be drained. So-called conservative radio in South Jersey could also use a little draining too. Atlantic City talk show host, Harry Hurley, accused of supporting well-funded Democrats. Hurley, of WPG 1450 am radio, has been a staunch supportive of those who regularly attack…

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Atlantic City Council Pleads To CRDA, Please Protect Renaissance Plaza Shoppers

Atlantic City Councilman Kaleem Shabazz wants the CRDA to help protect citizens while shopping at Renaissance Plaza, a few blocks from City Hall. Shabazz will try to accomplish that by presenting a resolution at the Sept 26. Atlantic City council meeting. Editors Note: Shabazz and other councilmen, including all citizens, should attend the monthly CRDA meetings….

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Atlantic City Leadership Letting CRDA & Stockton Control City’s Future?

Stockton pays almost nothing in Atlantic City taxes. Now the University wants to compete against local business too? A food vendor inside Stockton University is applying for license to serve alcohol. Local bars and restaurants are not happy. City Council and the CRDA could care less? On Tuesday, a crowd of angry bar owners and…

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CRDA Zoning Czar Asked About Chelsea Beach Bar Expansion

 Make sure you keep an eye on all these new zoning regulations in Atlantic City. Land-use ordinances are a very powerful tool to acquire power and property. CRDA’s Lance Landgraf is becoming quite the master of this double-edged sword. Watch this CRDA meeting video from May 15, 2018. Ocean Club residents ask if Chelsea…