CFO Stinson Grilled by Atlantic City Council, Dept. Expenses Questioned.

Sitting mere inches away from Council, the CFO of Atlantic City, Mike Stinson, endured a public grilling on FEB 7. Why does he need assistance from recently contracted consultant Ken Moore? Should we be spending up to $100k on someone to help Stinson? That’s what Councilman Frank Gilliam wanted to know.

Gilliam also wanted to know if Stinson would share his salary with Moore. That…was a very awkward moment to say the least.

Watch Atlantic City Council Video clip from FEB 8

The well-qualified Stinson has been Chief Financial Officer & Director of Revenue and Finance for Atlantic City since 2010. He’s a Certified Municipal Finance Officer as well.

Mike Stinson is the brother of Brigantine City Manager, Ed Stinson. Mike’s brother Ed enjoys a much cozier relationship….some say TOO close….with Brigantine Mayor Phil Guenther & the majority Republican council.