Child Sex Abuse Scandal Rocks Atlantic City School District

LaQuetta & Marty Small

Breaking AC says Kayan Frazier had already been fired from the Atlantic City School District before his arrest last year on charges he created and distributed images of children being sexually abused.

Frazier worked at Pennsylvania Ave School when LaQuetta Small was a principal there. Small is now principal of Atlantic City High School. She’s married to Mayor Marty Small.

On Oct 14, WPG’s Harry Hurley spoke with Atlantic City Board of Education President John Devlin about this ugly situation that features allegations of child abuse, child pornography and more. Listen>

LISTEN: Hurley & Devlin
School Superintendent Barry Caldwell

Social Media Comments:

Stanelle Renea Alexander: When anything like that happens to a child we are suppose to report in a school. We are suppose to report to our Supervisor, DFCS, and the police. She (Laquetta Small) did not do that. She reported to a third party hiring agency that hires substitutes. That is NOT her supervisor. Her supervisor is the Superintendent (Barry Caldwell). So that’s where she failed. She knows better. But because it’s family, she used poor judgement. Not to mention he was hired by DFCS only months after he was investigated thru them. 


Jennifer Renee: As a principle she (Small) should have done more and did not?Makes sense why Marty (Small) endorsed the 3 people running for the board because if they get in, all they will do is appoint his wife as the new superintendent.

Mark Rodgers: The principal (Small) is a mandated reporter. A police report was not filed. It should have been. The abuse escalated, there is culpability. The principal et al are responsible. They failed these poor kids.


Kevin E JuniorLaQuetta Small-Frazier treated a “sub sleeping in the same bed with a student” the same way she would report a sub who had no classroom management by filing an incident report to the sourceforteachers, the educational staffing service. A police report should have been filed. Email the board president and tell him that Dr. Small-Frazier needs to be immediately removed from her post as principal of the high school pending outcome of investigation


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